1943: USS Williamson Destroyer encounters UFO


1943: USS Williamson Destroyer encounters UFO – The year was 1943. It was a clear spring night with calm seas. While on patrol in the midst of WWll, the USS Williamson Destroyer glided through the waters of the Bering Sea north of the Alaskan Peninsula bearing north at 20 knots. The witness, accompanied with three other crewmen, were on watch at the starboard 20 mm gun on the gallery deck around 11 p.m.

Off of the port side, both port and starboard gun crews noticed a row of deep red lights traveling parallel to and slightly forward to the bow. According to the witness, he could not relay at which direction the lights approached the ship, and questioned whether they came out of the sea itself.

This unknown craft had at least eight evenly spaced lights in a row and canted diagonally to the horizon at approximately 15 degrees. The witness estimated that these unknown lights were no more than 100 yards from their location. At roughly 10 feet apart, these lights outstretched a mere 30 feet off of the water’s surface.

The witness used the example of needing a “cantaloupe held at arm’s length to cover just one of the eight lights.” According to the witness the lights did not cast any sort of beam or glow, and that even though he could not see, he noted nothing but darkness could be viewed in between the lights.
The witness recalls the unknown lights remained in pace and parallel to the ship for over an hour before the witness was relieved of his duties at midnight. He watched the lights for another hour until finally retreating to his cabin to rest.

The next morning the witness stated that the midnight gun crew said that the captain tried to turn the ship to chase these unknown lights. No information was brought fourth of the outcome of the maneuver other than the lights simply disappeared.

Based on information obtained from the witness, the original sighting report, photographs of the USS Williamson, confirmation of the location of the ship in 1943, and the statements made during interview the MUFON Field Investigators believe the report and information to be credible.

Through interviews it was learned that the lights were estimated to be approximately half the length of the ship. Upon investigation it was found the USS Williamson stretched 314 feet long, making the unknown object roughly 150 feet in size. Additional information is still being collected concerning this event and the Investigators classified the lights, as an Unknown.

Case Submission Number: 15675
Submission Date: February 23, 2009
Date of Event: March, 1943
AN1, CAT 1, Other
Bering Sea, Alaska
Number of Witnesses: Multiple
Investigators: Brent Mitchel & Michael Puckett
Disposition: Unknown

Case Summary by Cassidy Nicholas

Source: mufon

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