A CE-5 EXPERIENCE‏ – My experiences with Dr Steven Greer’s CE5 protocols have been interesting to say the least. I been practicing CE5 for three years now usually on my own and recently with friends. I’ve had a few sightings while using these protocols and would recommend them to anyone who is willing.

The way CE5 works is through genuine inner peace, meditation and remote viewing. This has taken a while for myself to be able to achieve and I’m by no means a master at it.

Aggression racism idealism (religion) is what I’m talking about. You are preoccupied with this form of thinking your probably wasting your time. You must understand everything in this universe is one. Everything is connected. This is the basis of this form of meditation and contact.


Don’t be disheartened is the number one guideline here. Sightings don’t always happen and if your alone you only have one set of eyes. The other thing is your new to CE5.

Try to find clear sky’s. Light and pollution are a hindrance. I’m fortunate enough to be in Australia where clear sky’s are only a short drive away.

Take your time and have love and peace at your core. Patience is a virtue – Remember your camera and binoculars have them close at hand. Take a CE5 tool. There is an app available from Dr Steven Greer and I will recommend. I use it myself. It’s called ET contact tool. Look for the CSETI logo. The app has Dr Greer guiding you through two meditations. One is a field/contact meditation which is great for when your out of reception range. The other is on the structure of the universe.

Here’s the field meditation on YouTube:


I’ve had three sightings my first was a year into practicing CE5 at home in Brisbane with an orb that changed speed and direction. It was witnessed by my partner as well. The sighting last about one minute with a high speed departure from the craft.

That was a moment where I wanted to leave to grab the camera and I made the right choice in staying and witnessed the departure of the craft. To this day my partner talks about it and we know it wasn’t a plane helicopter or satellite.


My second was early this year while camping with friends in western Queensland.

Sitting around a campfire. I had a short private meditation and immediately had visualization of three small ET beings in my mind. That took me by surprise. I started scanning a clear sky what I though was a star seemed to grab my attention it brightened and dimmed and I was positive it was moving in a small area but I stayed quiet and kept watching. My friend asked me if I was Watching that light that brightened and dimmed. I said yes. The third person in the group a total sceptic scoffed at us but started watching the orb. I went for my camera only to find I had lost it that day. Yes I was very pissed off and missed the departure of the craft the sighting lasted approximately five minutes. This was the best sighting I’ve had. It was enjoyable watching a sceptic’s opinion change as well. To this day my two friends and myself talk about it.

My third was the eleventh of October 2015 at approximately 11.00pm. A family and friends camping trip at Moreton Island with three people meditating using Dr Steven Greer’s field meditation. The results where not immediate but they were spectacular. Later in the night myself and friend walked onto the beach. We witness a flickering orb in a cloud covered sky’s. This stood out and was 30 degrees off the horizon. We watched it for approximately 5 minutes before it disappeared. I filmed it using a Samsung galaxy note3. Here’s a short 20 seconds of it:

With the return trip and return to UIP. I started to look at and dissect the video I’ve enlarge some stills from it. Firstly this was a cloudy night. On the clear nights we had looking at the darkest part of the sky you could see stars with the aid of binoculars. In the video you can not see any stars only the flashing orb. The clouds where covering them.

While dissecting the video I captured stills of the old and enhanced the zoom for a better view.


I’ve spent many nights utilising CE5 and have enjoyed the time doing it. I strongly recommend Dr Steven Greer’s meditation and visualization techniques. The thing is you don’t know till you give it a go.

I don’t really care what people think of my sightings I know what I have witnessed and the video doesn’t do it justice. I’ve rectified those problems now with a HD camera with x90 zoom and a night vision camera as well. Hoping for a great captured in the future.

Eyes to the skies peace in your heart – CE-5

Source: ufointernationalproject

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