America Is Falling Into an Illuminati Trap


America Is Falling Into an Illuminati Trap – The global propaganda arm of the New World Order is doing its job as expected. Osama bin Ladin has already been tried and convicted as the mastermind of the September 11 attacks. America will now become embroiled in a religious war that could engulf the entire Middle East. Who will gain from this war? What are some of the possible results?

Osama bin-Ladin has now become the greatest Muslim hero. Don’t believe the lies that the Western press is spreading that he is looked upon as a deviant and as an outcast by most Muslims. He embodies the fullest ideals of the concept of Jihad. It does not matter if he is responsible for the attacks or if he is not. He now stands in battle against what Muslims refer to as The Great Satan, and 90% of Muslims can do nothing but admire him.

The House of Saud is now in a Catch-22 situation. Do they support the American war and risk their kingdom being toppled, or do they try to keep their distance and acknowledge how illegitimate and shaky their government is? A very possible result of this war could be the fall of the House of Saud. They have been corrupted by American luxuries and true Muslims see the royal family as traitors to Islam.

Standard Oil of California (now Chevron) bought the rights to prospect for oil in Arabia from the House of Saud for a mere $250,000 in 1933. America has viewed Saudi oil as our oil since that time, and we have always counted on our Saudi lackeys to always push for lower prices and higher production during every OPEC meeting. The House of Saud is an American asset and real Muslims view it as a terrible shame that their holiest land is controlled and supported by, and even occupied with troops from, a “Christian” nation.

The physical British Empire declined in the years after World War II, but the global elites, since the time of Cecil Rhodes, have understood this inevitable decline and have turned their attention to creating a brand new global empire. The Federal Reserve, the Council On Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the Trilateral Commission, the World Trade Organization etc, etc, are all a continuing part of this march towards a global government.

Islamic Fundamentalism was supported by the British and American governments during the Cold War. Bin Ladin was a CIA and British asset. He personally fought against the Russians in Afghanistan and he was almost killed several times by Russian shelling. After the Cold War America slowly backed off of its support for Muslim fundamentalists, but certain members of the British elite have continued to support, and perhaps even direct it.

Bin Ladin’s direct financial assets and strategic capabilities have been hugely exaggerated. The entity known as Al-Qaeda is simply the guestbook for Muslims who entered Peshawar to join the jihad against Russia in Afghanistan. There is no such thing as a global terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda! Bin-Laden is probably not directly, or even secondarily, responsible, but of course the media is able to trot out “links” that “prove” Bin-Ladin was involved.

These “links” may be real, but Afghanistan was a haven for many dedicated Muslims who wanted to participate in a jihad, and many of these rich and powerful fanatics crossed paths in that country over the past twenty years. These links are far from “proof” or even “evidence” that Bin-Ladin was responsible for orchestrating and funding the September 11 attacks.

The Taliban regime became the focus of the Global Elites anger for doing at least two things:

1) Destroying the ancient carved stone buddhist statues, which represented an attack on religious pluralism and tolerance.

2) Prohibiting the growing of poppies for heroin.

This was perhaps one of the few admirable actions of the Taliban regime, but it deprived the merchant banks of a very important and massive supply of liquid capital. Drug money is used to prop up the bankrupt global financial system and the loss of the Afghani raw material represented a major loss of income. When Afghanistan is liberated will poppy production continue again under the UN? Of course it will.

Osama Bin-Ladin is a perfect scapegoat because he is already a well-known and admitted terrorist, he is connected with the House of Saud, he is associated with the Taliban and he is capable of starting a jihad among the majority of Muslims not corrupted and bought by the West.

A religious war in the Middle East is a goal of the global elites for several purposes:

1) War is always a quick road to peace. Want a League of Nations? Start World War I. Want a United Nations? Start World War II. Want a New World Order? Start a religious war in the Middle East.
2) Jerusalem must become an international city, controlled by the UN, as a symbol of tolerance and as a holy place for the three monotheistic faiths.
3) The Arabs must be kicked off the Temple Mount and a new Jewish Temple must be built, to be taken over for occult purposes.
4) America’s status as the only super-power must be dissolved.

America’s strong grip on OPEC, through the Saudis, must be diminished. Europe has already made agreements for Russian oil, and so the fall of the House of Saud serves the NWO at the expense of America.

Britain pledges to be our friend, and Tony Blair makes heartfelt speeches, but all of the alleged terrorists entered the United States via London, Saudi Arabian dissidents are given shelter in Britain, and the British-dominated New World Order can only gain from what will soon happen. In the meantime, the British press continues to be the most aggressive antagonists of Israeli self-preservation, and British elites have proven ties to Muslim terrorism. By the way, is there a CNN reporter that does not have a British accent? I thought CNN was an American network.

These are merely the thoughts I have gathered after pondering this subject. Below are some links to articles that offer important data that has been ignored or glossed over by the major media:

Dr. Saad Al-Fagih:
A dissident Saudi now living in London. He lived in Afghanistan, understands Saudi politics, and is quite frank in relating the Muslim view of Bin-Ladin. Here is an interview, and here is the website of his organization that seeks freedom and democracy in Saudi Arabia. Read especially the two main articles on the front page. Have you heard these views in our media? Don’t you think that people like Dr. Al-Fagih should be heard?

Here is his statement of what Al Qaida really is:

“Al Qaeda is just a record for the people who came to Peshawar and moved from there back and forth to the guest house. And moved back to their country. And if they want to follow the number, they must be talking about 20, 30 thousand people. Which is impossible to trace… That record, that documentation was called the record of Al Qaeda. So that was Al Qaeda. There’s nothing sinister about Al Qaeda. It’s not like an organization–like any other terrorist organization or any other underground group…

Al Qaeda is just a record for the people who came to Peshawar and moved from there back and forth to the guest house. And moved back to their country. And if they want to follow the number, they must be talking about 20, 30 thousand people. Which is impossible to trace. And I think most of those records are in the hands of the Saudi government anyway, because people used the Saudi airlines, [at] a very much reduced fare.”

“Al Qaida” simply means “The Base.”

It was the base for Arabs who would sign up before entering Afghanistan. Please read Dr. Al Fagih’s interview above. It was the base where Arabs would sign up so they could be tracked down if something happened to them in Afghanistan. There are twenty to thirty thousand names on the “roster” of Al Qaida, many of then are probably very prominent names of Saudi Arabians, and very few would even think of associating themselves with a terrorist organization. The Bush administration was frantic in their search for a label for Bin Ladin’s group and the best they could do was “The Base.” Pathetic.

Here are some names for some very real terrorist organizations, and what they mean in English:

Al-Gama`a al-Islamiyyah: The Islamic Group
Hamas: An acronym for “Harakat -Al-Islamia” or “Islamic Resistance Movement.” Hamas also means courage and bravery in Arabic.
Islamic Jihad: Muslim holy war
Hizballah: The party of God

And we are told that the most insidious, most well-funded and most fanatical of them all is “The Base.”

In a Wall Street Journal article titled “Saudi Arabian Royal Family Finds Itself Caught in the Middle of Two Alliances,” Dr. Al Fagih is quoted as saying, “If the regime goes ahead and helps the Americans, it will abandon the last stroke linking it to Islam. People believe once there is Saudi help [to the U.S.], and the attack starts, it is totally justified to hit the regime itself.”

The real action that could take place in the coming months might not be in the mountains of Afghanistan, but in countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, where the disenfranchised populations could very well revolt against their leaders who have been submitting to Western domination for decades. Democracy in the Middle East would be a disaster for the West, despite the fantasy that is disseminated by the mass media that America is the great defender of freedom.

We have been propping up dictators in the Middle East since the 1930s and we fear what might happen were the Muslim masses able to exercise freedom and democracy. Perhaps this has been a strategy in the best interest of the West, and of the American people, but we should acknowledge what we are doing and dispense with the self-righteous hypocritical lies.

Said K. Aburish:
A Palestinian author and journalist also living in London. Here is an interview. His many books document the West’s manipulation of the Middle East, and they offer a perspective that must be heard if the present situation is to be properly understood. And Americans stupidly wonder in horror and amazement, “How can they hate us so much?! What have we done to deserve this?!” Well, put down the clicker and read a book! Our foreign policy has been hijacked since Woodrow Wilson and we have been steadily aiming for our present destination for quite a long time. This should not be a surprise.

Executive Intelligence Review:
An organization led by the sometimes brilliant, sometimes ignorant, and sometimes comical, Lyndon LaRouche. One article on Osama Bin-London’s globalist British backers, and another article on the globalist British control of international terror.

On January 11, 2000, EIR submitted a memorandum to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright requesting an official investigation into Great Britain’s support of terrorism. This document puts forth the clear evidence that Great Britain has been a safe haven for known terrorists for many years. To this day groups like the Islamic Group (Egypt), Al-Jihad (Egypt), Hamas (Israel, Palestinian Authority), Armed Islamic Group (Algeria, France), Kurdish Workers Party (Turkey), and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka) all continue to maintain official headquarters within Britain, and Britain has often bent over backwards diplomatically to protect known terrorists from the justice that was sought by countries such as Egypt, India and Yemen.

According to EIR, the United States has every right, indeed the moral obligation to its citizens, to place Great Britain on the list of nations who we officially sanction as sponsors of terrorism.


London’s Bridge is Falling Down, a webpage that uncovers London’s links with Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other terrorist organizations, while exploring reasons for the TWA flight 800 disaster.

Consider the article from a CBS news website entitled “Report: L.A. Target For Terror.” Ahmed Ressam was a terrorist arrested in December of 1999 for plotting to bomb the LAX airport. Ressam admitted during his trial that he has close ties with a London resident, who is known to have close ties to Osama Bin Ladin.

A BBC article, “Algerian suspect ‘trained hijackers'” records the arrest of an Algerian suspect named Lotfi Raissi. This man was a pilot and was allegedly involved in training at least four of the terrorists who struck on September 11. Raissi was re-arrested on an international warrant, along with three other suspects in the UK. Raissi was living in London near Heathrow International Airport at the time of his arrest.

A Guardian Observer article, “London-based terror chief plotted mayhem in Europe” speaks of how Djamel Beghal, the leader of a terror group that even Bin-Ladin admired, was based in London until September of last year. The article says, “US investigators now believe that the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were planned in Germany using up to 30 people, with individuals who lived or once lived in Britain playing a crucial role.”

The Guardian Observer also published an article on its website that documented links between two London-based banks and a Sudanese bank, that were involved in funding Bin-Ladin, but this article has disappeared.

Another article also documents Bin-Ladin’s money supply, allegedly funneled through the Capital Trust Bank that is based in New York and London, a bank owned by Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi, whose lawyer is Vernon Jordan.

Esquire magazine published an expos√© of Bin-Ladin in 1999, and they have re-posted it on their website. On the first page of this article it documents how Bin-Ladin was approached by the journalists interested in getting the interview,”That was the very reason I wanted to interview him, and the reason getting such an interview would not be a simple process. His public-relations apparatus is a sophisticated and complex network of agents and intermediaries. The first discussions took place in the old, ornate Jefferson Hotel in Washington. A couple of ABC News producers, Chris Isham and Len Tepper, brought me to meet with a trusted contact who had good connections among Islamic fundamentalists.

Soon he sent word back: We would have to travel to London and meet with some of bin Laden’s people. Bin Laden, it seems, has people all over. Two meetings, both in Tudor-style homes a half hour’s drive from central London. We removed our shoes, drank cider and water, and made our intentions toward bin Laden known. We told his people we would raise the issues that concerned him, and “tell his side” and enough about his background so people would get a broader understanding of him.”

A CNN article mentions a London associate of Bin-Ladin, who purchased and shipped to him a state of the art satellite telephone. His associate, Khaled al-Fawwaz, who was the recipient of the majority of calls from Bin-Ladin in Aghanistan, is now in custody in England.

The Christian Science Monitor published an article, on the intrigues surrounding England’s Finsbury Park Mosque. Abu Hamza is the senior cleric of this north London mosque, and it held an “Islamic camp” during Christmas to train young British Muslims in “military training for brothers, self-development skills, martial arts, map reading, etc.” Soon after, the Yemeni government arrested five Muslim youths who were in Yemen on British passports, on suspicion of plotting to commit terrorism. One of these youths was a step-son of Abu Hamza. Here is an article on Abu Hamza, his mosque and his group, and here is another article by the ADL.

The latter article mentions that, “In addition to his sermons, Abu Hamza is believed to run weekend military training camps for Islamic youth in Britain that are staffed by former British army officers.” Apparently, in a rather startling sequence of events, the President of Yemen asked the government of Britain to hand over Abu Hamza so that he could be tried as a terrorist in Yemen, but Britain refused. So who’s fighting terrorism here!? Another article documents Abu Hamza’s long-overdue arrest by Britain’s crack “anti-terror squad” (no doubt!), but he was detained only for a few days and later released.

Osama Bin Ladin is a tool of the global elites who is being used to establish the New World Order. These global elites, also known affectionately as the Illuminati, are the rulers of the shadow governments of the United States and Britain. They are a collection of close-knit royal families, banking families and political dynasties, with a major base of power being the city of London financial district, from where the major commodities of oil, gold, diamonds, weapons and drugs are controlled and dispensed throughout the world.

These global elites have a vast intelligence network that operates through, over and above the American CIA, the British MI6 and the Israeli Mossad. They have been the major supporters of violent Islamic Fundamentalism from the very beginning, and they continue to manipulate these violent religious fanatics for their own ends.

The events of September 11 were engineered by these global elites, and to cover their rear ends they have betrayed their expendable asset, Osama Bin Ladin. They know everything about him, and all of the connections that he has all over the world, and they are very easily able to frame him for the terrible crimes they have orchestrated. Consider now the way in which our British “friends” are helping us to solve this crime:

(Does Britain have a history of betraying expendable agents? Here is one man’s recent story.)

On Thursday, October 4, Tony Blair, in an address to Members of the British Parliament stated, “We have absolutely no doubt that Bin Laden and his network were responsible for the attacks.” The British PM said that the evidence that had been collected was “overwhelming,” but that a great deal of it could not be released because it might compromise the security of the agents who had gathered it ( Yeah, it wouldn’t be prudent). The major media trotted right out with this shameless drivel through the BBC, The Washington Post and CNN, among others.

On October 5, Time.com published a short report on Mohammed Atta, the alleged ringleader of the hijackers. Here is an excerpt, “Britain on Thursday released a document setting out the basis for a case against Al Qaida for the September 11 attack, which indicates, among other things, that some of the hijackers had met with Al Qaida officials, and that Bin Laden had warned in the days before the attack that he was about to launch a major attack on America. The British document, based on telephone intercepts and information gleaned from interrogations in Europe since the attacks in New York and Washington, also reveals that orders were sent to a number of the network’s key operatives to return to Afghanistan by September 10.

“Al Qaida’s often diffuse structures are designed specifically to avoid leaving behind trails of command responsibility detectable to investigators probing specific attacks. Proving that Atta and others had spent time at Al Qaida camps in Afghanistan and had met with al-Zawahiri would therefore constitute a major breakthrough in the investigation.”

So on the one hand we are told that Al Qaida is a shadowy paranoid group dedicated to preserving its anonymity, but on the other hand we now have a “major breakthrough” by being able to link Atta with Al Qaida. Of course all hard-core proof cannot be offered to the press because it would compromise the safety of agents.

Here is an article that critically analyzes the 70-point “evidence document” that has been released by the British government indicting Bin Ladin and Al Qaida. The writer shows that only nine of these seventy points relate directly to the events of September 11, and that all of the evidence is weak and circumstantial. The document itself even begins with the disclaimer that, “This document does not purport to provide a prosecutable case against Osama Bin Laden in a court of law. Intelligence often cannot be used evidentially, due both to the strict rules of admissibility and the need to protect the safety of sources. But on the basis of all the information available Her Majesty’s Government is confident of its conclusions as expressed in this document.”

Not enough to convict in a court of law, but enough to render judgment and go to war?!

And why is the British government taking the lead in investigating an attack that occurred on American soil? Why do they suddenly appear to have all the evidence and all the answers, with a tear-jerking, supportive and noble speech of solidarity and brotherhood from Tony Blair to boot?

Bin Ladin has always been an agent of British Intelligence. After America retaliated for the bombing of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania by launching cruise missiles at Bin Ladin’s bases in Afghanistan he reassured Britain, through the London-based Al Quds Al Arabi daily newspaper, that he was “only interested in hitting the U.S. and Israel.” Afterwards, Bin Ladin’s London-based spokesman, Omar Bakri, re-emphasized to the London-based Arabic daily Al Sharq Al Awsat, that “we have a covenant of peace with the British government.” Well, for their betrayal the British must realize that Bin Ladin’s covenant of peace with them has expired.

Yes, Bin Ladin was a British/NWO pawn, and his usefulness will be complete when he is punished for the September 11 atrocities.

And the true masterminds run free…

Source: bibliotecapleyades

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