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Anonymous Confession: Targeted Individual – CIA Experiment – V2K – Some of you are very intelligent but most importantly; most of you are open-minded and thats why I will say this here. I have never tried to get help anywhere else on the internet, yet. I don’t expect you to help me, it’s impossible as far as I know. But since you guys are open-minded and well informed, I thought maybe you have more room for some more info.

Most people I tell this to, label me insane, crazy or psychotic/schizophrenic. But I know exactly what is going on. You might have already heard about this, but maybe not. So here we go:

I am a victim of CIA’s “continued” MKUltra program. I am a victim of Microwave hearing – Voice to Skull (V2k) and synthetic telepathy, Direct Energy Weapons (DEW), Gang Stalking etc. A program that originally started by Nazi scientists. You can find lots of information about the sick people behind this program.

The voices are received by the skull through “microwave auditory effect”. Please search for that on Wikipedia or Google if you are interested.

I’ve been going through this since January 2014 and at first I was confused out of my mind. Suddenly I started hearing voices. I thought I was going crazy. Then I realised the voices were commenting on things I was doing and so on. Then I though I was being watched by cameras installed around my apartment. I searched my whole apartment. I slowly started to realise, my girlfriend seemed to know what I was thinking. Synthetic telepathy. I know, it sounds outrageously unbelievable and I was so scared I was shaking and sweating.

She would quickly change the subject and got nervous when I mentioned it. They were slowly but surely making me crazy. Having people “gangstalk” me (please google that as well). Having people knock on our apartment door yelling “we’re watching you!” Having me think I was in a TV-Show by saying “we’re recording everything” when I saw cameras in stores and other public places. They were also making me think my girlfriend was cheating on me or making her think I was cheating on her to make us break up. They would play her voice for me when I was at work talking to some other guy and so on. So their goals are ruining my relationships and having people turn against me.

Also constantly repeating “youre crazy” and trust me, the more they said it, the more I believed it. So I started seeing a shrink. I explained to him that I’m hearing voices, that my girlfriend scared of me mentioning it and he started sounding like the perpetrators saying some phrases exactly like them and saying things like “maybe you should re-consider stuff about your girlfriend” or “take distance from your girlfriend and family and go out alone” “you need to spend more time alone”. And as naiv as I was, I listened to him. I started going to places alone, hanging out alone to see if it would help me take my mind of everything but little did I know, this was their goal. To ISOLATE me from everything and everybody so they could make me crazier. Yes, this means they have professionals under their control as well.

Anyway. It got to the point that I thought “well, if this is truly going on, if they can see me and record me, then I’m going to put an end to it by doing something drastic” so I took a razor blade and cut my arms. All they did was laugh and keep repeating you’re crazy.

To make a long story short, fast forward half a year. They succeeded with having us lose our apartment (I moved back to my brother’s and she moved back to her mom’s) and they succeeded with having us break up, and turned my brother (who was also my employer) against me and I lost my job. So I decided to move back to my mom in Sweden (where I used to live) to get real help. ALL medical professionals I contacted in America were under their control and weren’t allowed to help me in any way. A day before my flight (or escape) to Sweden, they started ringing my ears so loudly that I thought my ears were gonna bleed. They really didn’t want me getting real help. They even hacked in to my laptops speakers and said “where ever you go, we will always be there”.

Again, fast forward to today. I am now still recovering, I got real help here in Sweden. With real doctors with objective to help. Even though they obviously didn’t believe me, they did try to help and talk it out rather than BE another form of PERPETRATOR. I have now learned how to control the voices I hear and change up their phrases by figuring out their patterns. So for example, whenever I tried to figure something out at work or school or life in general they would call me “stupid” and “crazy” but now. I can change it before the message comes to me I think-say “genius” and word is replaced. It doesn’t do much to them, but it helps me from going crazy or feeling like shit. And that’s the only way to fight back. Otherwise, you’re screwed. They tried to have my brother put me in a mental hospital multiple times, where they would have total control over whoever treated me.

So why am I telling you this? Well, as I said, because you guys are more likely to MAYBE believe me. I had stopped trying to make people believe me because it’s so much easier for people to just label you insane and not do research. But this is precisely their goal, for it sound so absurd and unreal so that no one believes you!

Any way, I hope I could at least maybe get you to do some research on this even if you refuse to believe me.

Would be great to hear back from you and if you really have read ALL of this then I am extremely grateful and you are awesome for it.

Peace and love,
The Culprid

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