Beware the Black Eyed Kids


Beware the Black Eyed Kids – A few nights ago, I was reading up on the phenomena of Black Eyed Kids (BEKs), and I found myself very unsettled. Perhaps because it involves children… young people with seemingly malevolent intentions. I found myself terrified that I’d soon hear a knock at my door… I imagined noises outside my window. Read on, and you’ll understand why I was so spooked.

Most documented cases of paranormal events vary widely. Each incident, while perhaps displaying a common pattern, seems to be unique. With hauntings, there are kaleidoscopic possibilities as to what the entity may be. But with the Black Eyed Kids, we find a nearly unwavering set of circumstances, with most reports sounding as though they could’ve been given by the same person. In other words, it seems the BEKs have a very specific MO.

Imagine you’re sitting at home one night. You’re all alone reading a book by lamplight. It is late. There’s a sudden chiming of your doorbell. Who could be stopping by this time of night? You hesitate. Perhaps answering your door would be a bad idea. But what if it’s an emergency? You decide to push your trepidation aside and open your front door.

Outside are two kids. Not really kids… one appears to be in his pre-teen years, the other his early teens. They are dressed casually in jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and hoodies. No different than any other kids around the neighborhood. They stand some distance from the door. With their hoods up and their faces cast in shadow, you can’t get a good read as to what they look like.

What are they doing? Where are their parents? You feel an unexplainable pang of impending dread, but you swallow it down, chastising yourself for being irrational.

“Can I help you?” Your question is directed at the older boy.

“Can we please come in and use your phone?” the boy says softly.

“Who do you need to call? Shouldn’t you be at home?” you ask. You’re not about to let strange people in your house at this time of night, no matter how young they are.

“No, we really need to come in. Our parents will be so mad if we don’t call them,” says the younger boy. The fear that you had choked back is now working it’s way up your spine. What is it about these kids that has you feeling such dread?

You tell the kids, “Why don’t you just give me the number and I’ll call.”

This doesn’t satisfy the children, who have now become increasingly insistent. They begin to demand to be allowed in. “We’re not dangerous.” they tell you. “You don’t have to be afraid of us, we won’t hurt you. Just let us come in and use your phone.”

At your wits end, you tell them to go away, and you shut and lock the door. As you turn your back, you hear knocking. In full panic mode, you decide you will NOT open your door. You gaze out your peephole.

Suddenly, the boys’ faces are right in front of the door. You recoil in horror as you see that both boys have eyes as black as pitch. Dark as coal. No whites.. no discernible pupil. Just fathomless darkness. Their words are muffled through the door, but their lips are easy to read. “Let Us In.”

Those who have encountered BEKs claim that the kids generally show up at their homes. A person will be sitting in their house, usually at night, when there is a knock at the door. Upon answering, the homeowner finds usually two children in casual clothes, just as any modern kid would appear. Another scenario is that these kids appear at your car window, needing a ride.

Now, kids is a little misleading. Most reports say that the two who usually appear are in their early teens… or at least pre-teens, with one slightly older than the other. The clothing description is very consistent. Jeans, Sneakers, T-shirts, Flannels and hoodies.

What never changes in these reports is that the BEKs want something very specific. An invitation. They want into your home, your apartment, your car. At first polite, they become quite insistent when you tell them no. They argue and bargain with you, and assure you that they mean you no harm. They just want in. Please.. let us in. And all of that would be terrifying enough if it wasn’t for those eyes. Those black and ominous eyes.

Jason Offutt shares a story of one man’s encounter with the BEKs on his website From the Shadows. Read the creeptacular story here: Black-Eyed Kids in Ohio

Supposedly the first BEK report came from Brian Bethel, a journalist in Texas. His story can be read here: Brian Bethel Encounter.

The obvious first inclination is to relate these stories to the vampire mythos. BEKs clearly need to be invited into your home… they cannot come in unless you let them. And I don’t know of any cases of BEKs forcing their way in, so this must be a hard and fast rule with them. The same is said about vampires. Even in current vampire tales, such as HBO’s True Blood, vampires may NOT enter your property without being formally invited.

Others say that BEKs might be some kind of alien hybrid, clearly comparing the black eyes to the popular depiction of the Greys.

The most common theory I’ve heard is that these are demonically possessed kids, if not demons themselves. Their black eyes indicate their soulless nature, and their insistence upon being allowed into your home is symbolic of their desire to inhabit YOU. How’s that for creepy!

Of course, there are plenty who relegate the story of the BEKs to urban legend. Perhaps Mr. Bethel’s reported encounter was an isolated one, but it struck such a chord in so many people that the story grew into a mythology that gets repeated in varying forms via the internet.

So what do you think? Are the Black Eyed Children vampires, aliens, demons, or something else? Or are they merely an urban myth that persists because of its frightening connotations? Who knows. But just in case, don’t knock on my door after sundown. I won’t answer.

Source: extraordinaryintelligence

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