Black Eyed Kid Encounter In New York


Black Eyed Kid Encounter In New YorkA Black Eyed Kid Terrifies Man in New York, This terrifying Black Eyed Kids encounter is a couple of years old, but is one of two that have come in recently from New York. The setting is as you would expect. He was home alone, and expecting someone completely different when he opened his front door.

A couple of things I find really interesting in this account. First is that there were three of them. That is slightly unusual.

Secondly, none to my surprise the front porch light wasn’t working. That is a common thread. Lights don’t work, cameras fail, anything to make it harder to spot the BEKs.

Lastly is that he dials the police, but the call doesn’t go through. More electrical interference from the Black Eyed Kids?

My take on this is that this gentleman is probably very lucky that he ran for it when he did. Read it through and tell me what you think. And if you have had an experience with the BEKs be sure to report it!

This happened back in February of 2009.

As being a Muslim I’m not allowed to have a relationship with a girl until I get married. I was super excited that day because my family was going out of state to attend a wedding. My secretly relationed girlfriend was supposed to spend the two days at my house. She lived in Buffalo and was supposed to arrive at my place at 7 pm that night.

At 7.30 I called her and she said she was running late because she got out of class late. She told me 30 more minutes according to the GPS. At 7.15, I was sitting on the couch watching a movie, when suddenly I heard someone hardly beating the door. I got up went to the closest next to the front door and pulled out a cricket bat.

I opened the door and I saw three kids standing there. My damn front light wasn’t working but I could see the first two kids, not much clearly, and the outline shape of the third one. They were all looking at me, judging by their outlined head shapes towards my face. One of them told me that they were lost and needed to call there mum.

They asked to come in, that was the biggest mistake of my life when I said okay. They came in all facing downwards. I told them to go sit on the couch. They walked passed me in an orderly fashion. I went to get the home phone from the kitchen. I wanted to call the cops first. So I did, but the call didn’t go through. I went into the living room and what I saw amazed me little.

All three of them were sitting quietly, faced down. I thought they were good mannered children. I walked over to them and gave them the phone. At that moment my girlfriend called on my cell telling me that she was 5 min away. Talking to her I walked over to the kitchen, I don’t know why.

I disconnected her and thought maybe I should asked them if they were hungry or wanted a drink. I stood by the living room door, which connects the kitchen, and asked them if they wanted something. At the same time all three of them looked at me. Those were seriously the most scariest eyes I had ever seen.

First I thought it must be because of the lights because it was a lil dim. But staring at them for 10 seconds more and I was screaming like a girl. I ran towards the garage door, I felt all three of them running after me because I could hear their feet thumping the wooden floors.

I ran into the garage locked the door, pushed the garage door button and crawled out as soon as the slow moron door opened till my knees. I got up and looked around, confused what to do. I looked back at the house trying to see if the kids were gonna pop from somewhere after me.

I picked up two bricks lying across the pavement, which my mom uses for gardening sometimes. I waited for them to come out. I was gonna pop their heads open if they came out. I stood there for like 2 or 3 minutes when I saw headlights at the end of the street. I ran towards them.

I reached the door and saw that the driver was my girl. That was the happiest moment of my life with her. I got into the passenger seat and screamed at her to hit the pedal. She saw my face was full sweat and frightened and she hit the gas pedal. We went straight to the police station. I told the cop the whole incident. She asked me to get a breath test. I got really angry and told her to come with me. My girlfriend believed me as she believed in paranormal stuff.

We went to the house, lights were still on. The cop had the gun in his hand and asked us to wait outside. She went inside and I picked up two more bricks and so did my gf. She came back after 5 mins and said there was nobody inside, as she said that backup car was here. I asked them to accompany me inside. There was nobody in the house. But the back door, which leads to the backyard, was opened. There were shoe marks of mud on the floor by the couch they were sitting on and the garage door looked a little cracked up. They still wouldn’t believe me.

I didn’t file a report because I didn’t want the story to get out because it was a small town, stories spread like fire and I didn’t want people to think i was crazy. Me and my gf locked the house, drove back to buffalo and spent the night in her dorm. I didn’t come back till the day my family got back. But after that incident i never stayed home alone. I would accompany them or spend a night at a friends. I still go to sleep with a baseball bat and pepper spray in bed.

Source: pararational

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