Black Eyed Kids – An Introduction


Black Eyed Kids – An IntroductionBlack Eyed Kids are a particular fascination of mine. – Let me start off that as of today, I have not had a run in with the Black Eyed Kids, nor do I hope to. But there is something that is coldly enthralling about the subject for me. Perhaps that it is a modern phenomenon unlike most of the paranormal encounters that people have.

Stories about encounters with Black Eyed Kids started hitting forums back in the 1990’s primarily with Brian Bethel’s chilling story of an encounter with two young male appearing Black Eyed Children. You should read the whole encounter of Brian’s run in with these two entities but in a nutshell, he was in his car and two of them wanted him to “give them a ride”

Luckily for Brian he didn’t because in all likelihood, if he had, he wouldn’t be around to tell the story.

Common Black Eyed Kid Traits

After combing through the storied about Black Eyed Kids that I can find, there are several traits that seem to commonly apply to run ins with Black Eyed Children.

They Travel in Pairs – Most encounters with Black Eyed Kids are with two of them. Why this is, I can only surmise as they need two to take down their prey? One is usually the speaker while the other stands by silently. Could it be that one is focusing on their mental attack while the other is verbally communicating with the chosen victim?

Black Eyed Kids Appear in Youthful Form – The normal situation is for the Black Eyed kids to apprear as a pair of kids in the 10 to 16 year old range. Reports of younger kids are less common and there are a few reports of them appearing as adults as well.

The Insist on Getting Your Permission – Another universal trait is that they need your permission to enter your home, your car or to help you with something. In some way you must invite them into your life. Why? This sounds like a classic vampire trait, could this be where that part of the vampire legend came from? Every story so far has come from people that have refused. I am guessing those that said yes are not around to tell their story.

Black Eyed Kids are Psychic – Another common element among Black Eyed Kid Stories is that they seem to be able to know what we are thinking and will show it by answering questions before we ask them, or by anticipating our actions. This is very bad, because that means they are in our heads. This also mean that they are able to do the next thing to us.

They Can Compel Our Actions – Commonly when people encounter Black Eyed Kids, they find themselves opening doors for them, or moving to help them without consciously deciding to. All indications are that they Black Eyed Children can compel our physical actions to help them achieve their goals.

Their Eyes are Completely Black – This is obviously where Black Eyed Kids got their name. When victims break their trance, they quickly realize that the beings in front of them have completely black eyes. No white, just bottomless, black orbs. Some debunkers have claimed that it could be kids with contacts or with the condition of Mydriasis. If it was just this one trait, I might work with that theory, but this goes well beyond just having black eyes!

Their Clothing is Unusual and Drab – Another common element is that their clothes look old fashioned or even hand made. This goes along with their strange manner of speaking showing that they don’t seem to have a grasp of human mannerisms. This reminds me of the stories about the Men in Black that appeared in Point Pleasant in the 50’s and 60’s.

Who or What Are Black Eyed Kids?

This is probably the biggest question out there right now. The origins of the Black Eyed Kids is completely unknown as is what species they really are. Considering that they can influence our mind, it is quite likely that they may not actually look like humans at all in their true forms.

Current theories on Black Eyed Kids range from demons to aliens. Considering that all the reports are modern, I am leaning more towards an unearthly/alien origin. But if that is the case, why are they targeting humans like this?

What Do Black Eyed Kids Want?

No one has come away from an encounter with a Black Eyed Kid with a happy warm feeling. Once the person breaks free of their enthrallment, an intense feeling of dread and fear smashes into them. I can only liken this to what a deer must feel as it realized a big cat is waiting to pounce on it. We are prey to them and that is very, very clear by their presence and actions.

Advice if You Encounter Black Eyed Kids

RUN! Lock your doors, get away from them and DO NOT let them into your house, car or mind! Knowing that they exist may in and of itself be enough to keep them from targeting you. If they can read our minds they will most likely skip prey that is aware of their existence. In any case, tell them never to come back and get away from them.

Have You Had a Black Eyed Kid Encounter?

If you have had a run in with any of these entities, I would definitely like to hear about it! Just leave a comment down below and I will get in touch with you. As for the rest of us, be careful out there and be sure to leave your comments and thoughts down below in the comments section!

Source: pararational

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