Black Eyed People: A Race in the Shadows


Black Eyed People: A Race in the Shadows – Leanne Davies couldn’t explain her panic. Davies carpooled to work in Deale, Maryland, in 1999 when one night her driver stopped at a small grocery store, leaving Davies in the pickup alone. “We parked at the edge of the parking lot with the store entrance and lot behind us,” Davies said. “We had worked late and it was well after dusk.”

Davies relaxed as she sat in the truck, watching cars going through the intersection, waiting for the driver to come back.
“I make note of my emotions because in this peaceful, relaxed state, I was hit with an unbelievably strong sense of fear or danger,” she said. “There was no rational explanation for this intense fear and I was able to be objective. It was really strange to me, feeling this fear all of a sudden.”
Realizing she was slipping into a panic attack, Davies tried to figure out what might have triggered this immediate overwhelming terror.
“The fear or sense of danger didn’t increase or become more intense,” Davies said. “The (initial) intensity was extraordinary.”

Then she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. From the passenger seat, Davies slowly looked to her left, and found the cause for her terror.
“I looked over at the driver’s window and there, facing me, was a woman looking in at me,” she said. “Not just glancing in, she had her shoulders square to the driver’s door of the pickup, standing about a foot and a half away from the window, which was closed.”
The appearance of the woman rammed the intense fear deeper into Davies. “My heart shot to my throat and I couldn’t move,” she said. “I just looked at her and she at me.”

Although the harsh shadows cast by the yellow streetlamps obscured part of the woman’s face, Davies could see her eyes. The eyes looked “empty.” Davies said the streetlamps that reflected off everything in the parking lot didn’t reflect in her eyes.
“They appeared dead,” Davies said. “Black voids. Nothing there. She seemed to have a look on her face as if she knew the fear that gripped me and enjoyed it.” The woman’s gaze held Davies fast. “I don’t know how long she stood there,” Davies said. “It didn’t seem to be very long, but at the same time, the intense fear made it seem like minutes.”

The woman suddenly turned and got into the passenger seat of an early-1970s Plymouth Duster parked beside the pickup where Davies sat.
“The driver, who I couldn’t see, backed the car out of the lot and left,” Davies said. “Immediately, all fear and sense of danger was gone. Very strange to me how sudden it was with it being so intense a few moments before.”


Stories of these entities, whose eyes are black voids – no whites, no iris – began appearing on the Internet in 1998, and the encounters are eerily similar. These entities usually appear at night and demand invitation into your house, or car, or for a walk down a lonely path. The people who encounter them are terrified, but not from their dead black eyes – the eyes are first obscured by a hoodie, cap, or the angle of their head. Then they move, and witnesses finally see the two black voids – and the terror grows. People from across the globe have reported encounters with these black-eyed people.

What are these entities that approach calmly, quietly, and strike fear into those who encounter them? Authors such as David Icke and Guy Malone have speculated these black-eyed beings to be everything from extraterrestrials to demons – and they have been here for millennia, living alongside us, working alongside us, breeding with us – and most of us don’t realize it.

Alan Borky knows these entities exist – he’s seen them.
“Have you ever noticed there’s two different kinds of anger?” he posted on my blog From the Shadows. “There’s the more usual, hot-blooded kind. But there’s also a much rarer, much more chilling kind where, far from losing control, the people concerned suddenly seem to become far more intensely focused than you’ve ever known them to be before, giving off this rather scary aura of cold-blooded, almost lizard-like menace.”
This anger has come upon people he knows and their eyes have changed, becoming dead black.

“I’ve always had the undeniable sense each time this has happened I was no longer dealing with one of my parents, one of my siblings, one of my friends – the mother of my children,” he said. “I very rarely lose my temper but, on doing so, go absolutely atomic, only to be told afterwards by people I trust, my eyes became pitch black. What’s worrying is, on the few occasions this’s occurred, I’ve not only felt exhilaratingly powerful, but I’ve wanted to stay that way.”
Answering my request for information, a person calling himself Drakos claims to be one of these black-eyed entities.

“You would not be able to recognize me as any different from a normal person,” he said. “Although I have an abnormally magnetic personality, advanced intellect, and other things that will make me sound more conceited than I already do. I do not seem special to me, only to others.”

According to Drakos, this race of black-eyed people has been intertwined with humans for at least 6,000 years.
“The (biblical) story of the serpent is not the story of a talking snake,” he said. “It is about a representative of a nation of people who originated from a race of gods. These ‘serpents’ were rebellious – which means that they sought to create their own storehouses of information. They were teachers. They found a race of unenlightened automatons [Homo sapiens] that had been created to perform labor and gave them information that freed their minds.”
This is who Drakos claims black-eyed people are descendents of – the serpent from Genesis.

“That’s the short story,” he said. “Sounds like a fairy tale; I know.” A fairy tale that includes mating between this “serpent race” and humanity. “There has been, admittedly, a great deal of mixing; people often express great abilities that they owe to some ancestor who harbored a special genetic code,” Drakos said.

Patrick Heron, author of The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse and The Return Of The Antichrist, said such a claim has biblical relevance. “It says in Daniel 2:43, ‘They shall mingle their seed with the seed of men,’ which seems to indicate fallen angels mating with humans,” Heron told me in an email interview.

Evidence of this mating may have appeared in Don Thomas’ nephew.
“Fifteen or so years ago my brother had a son who was born with pale clear white skin and sea-green eyes that were very weird to say the least,” Thomas said. “When he turned about one year old, his eyes turned black as coal and you could not see any white around them.” Thomas gave his nephew the nickname Turtle, because of the boy’s eyes, although he thought they looked like the eyes of a creature more sinister. “They really look more like shark’s eyes but I found that a little cruel for a little boy,” Thomas said.


The baby grew into a quiet little boy who kept mainly to himself.
“Most people found him weird and most kids were afraid of him,” Thomas said. “He could not get near TVs or any other electronics because they began to distort. No one thought much of it but me.” The boy took an affinity to Thomas because Thomas was one of the few peoplewho paid attention to him. “He would just come around where I was and just sit there for hours never saying a word,” Thomas said. But the boy’s family lived some distance away, so Thomas didn’t see him often.

However, a hiking trip when the boy was about five years old will always stick in Thomas’s mind.
“We came to a clearing – a funny yellow field in the middle of nowhere – and I noticed that he stopped and began staring towards some trees,” Thomas said. He asked the boy what he was staring at, but the boy wouldn’t answer. “[After a] minute or so he pointed and I looked in that direction,” Thomas said. “At first I didn’t see anything, but then I saw some movement in the shadows of the trees.”

As Thomas looked at the trees, he saw what looked like at least three children wearing black hoodies.
“They appeared just beyond the trees but did not come any closer,” Thomas said. “I say three or so because it looked like more in the tree lines and further in.” Terror gripped Thomas and he grabbed his nephew’s hand. “As we left the area he kept looking back and began to cry,” Thomas said.
Soon after, the boy’s parents divorced and Thomas rarely saw him.

“He began to have problems with anti-social behavior and disappearing from home more and more often,” Thomas said. “I heard he was institutionalized and some time later disappeared from the facility and was never found. This has been since a closed subject and no one will talk about it in my family.”
The eyes, Drakos said, are designed to strike terror in others, the kind of terror Leanne Davies felt in that Maryland parking lot.

“It is more of an effect of light and a bit of hypnotism designed to induce fear,” Drakos said. “Everyone is subconsciously aware that their pupils will dilate in the presence of darkness, so if you perceive that my pupils cover the entire region of my eye, it should intimidate you because seeing my eyes in that fashion will indicate that there is a profound darkness about, only you wouldn’t be able to see the darkness. [It is] a very psychological ‘offense’ mechanism.”


Photographer “Poppa” Richards saw something in the eyes of a teenage girl in July 2008 when he attempted to photograph McKinneytown Cemetery in Cecil County, Maryland, and he didn’t see himself – he saw something alien.
“My favorite time is dusk and being familiar with this particular cemetery because of its isolation. I arrived approximately 40 minutes before dusk to set up my shots,” he said. As he arranged the equipment he realized he was not alone. “She approached from my right, I saw her out of the corner of my eye but I pretended not to notice,” Richards said. “She approached showing no fear.”

A girl, who appeared to be about 15 years old, stopped about 10 feet from Richards and sat on a headstone.
“Her eyes were black as coal,” Richards said. “When I tried to take her picture, my previously new batteries were dead. After trying three more sets of batteries, and finding them dead as well, I shrugged and told her my batteries were dead. She left as silently as she had come.”
His batteries useless, Richards packed to head home without one photograph.

“I left, but I left my card on the headstone. I don’t know why,” he said. “I have been back several times but have never run into her again.”
But are these black-eyed entities a danger to humanity?

“Some of us are extremely dangerous, others are not,” Drakos said. “Most are quite powerful relative to ‘normal’ people, and some are very famous and advancing in the worlds of politics and entertainment. I would suggest that anyone who meets anyone threatening should call for help, run, or fight like hell.”
However, Drakos stops short of labeling his “race” evil.

“I watch the news every day and see instances of blue-eyed and brown-eyed devils running around raising hell. Meanwhile, my people must languish in corners with the cloud of your menacing fear lingering over our heads,” he said. “You have spent millennia blaming us for all of the evil in the world while you turn a blind eye towards yourselves. Do you know what it is that you’d see, what it is that you’d fear, when you look into my eyes? You’d see yourself.”
Drakos said his “people” await the return of the Dragon, a term used numerous times in the Christian Bible referring to Satan.

“The Dragon is he who, for us, is said to come in the last days to plant the seeds of a righteous nation,” Drakos said. “We believe him to be the personage of the serpent in the garden, who beguiled Eve by giving her wisdom. He is here; we’ve seen him. I believe the world will see him soon. He is gentle, but he is all-wise. The Day of Purging Is Near.”

Which is all too similar to the book of Revelation. Revelation 12:9, “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Source: mysteriousuniverse

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