The Black Figure And Strange Occurrences


The Black Figure And Strange Occurrences – Let me make it very clear now that I thought most of the things happening to me were things that happened to many others. As I will explain in a little bit, these black figures and weird occurrences that have been happening in the house I have been living in have never happened in my friends’ houses. I wasn’t scared at first but, now that these black figures have been appearing I wanted to tell someone.

Let’s start up from when I was just moving into the home. It was Tuesday and we had all finished bringing everything in. I went to put my stuff into the closet. Once, I had opened the door and turned back to get my stuff. When I had several hangers in my hands, I turned back to find the door closed. At first I thought, “Oh, I must’ve hit it or something”. Mind you, I was only about eleven at the time. I was a pretty stupid kid.

I had decided to open the door with my foot to put my stuff away. On one of the book shelves I had already backed with books. One of my favorite candles placed on top fell over into a box, where it shattered. Of course, the box was empty and the next spot would be a wood floor. When, I went over to get the box, my bedroom door and my closet door slammed together. I thought it was simply the wind of an open window.

Let’s skip over a little bit to when I had my twelfth birthday party. I was a bit of a tomboy so it was mostly based off of Transformers. I had invited a few of my friends over and asked them if they wanted to do anything. They said they wanted to play in the house and maybe watch a movie or something. We decided to watch “Deep Blue” but, when we had put the disc in it wouldn’t work. We had only gotten the disc the day before and hadn’t used it since. I took it out of the DVD player and it was burning. Not only did it leave a small burn mark on my finger but it was growing increasingly hot. I unplugged the DVD player because I assumed that was where the heat started but, when I had tapped it a few times it was cold. Normal basically. Nothing was wrong. I decided to run the disc underwater, ruining it.

Now skip to the start of the school year for seventh grade, I was still twelve. I had learned a little more about spirits and things. It still didn’t scare me that much. I wasn’t really that afraid of a spirit hurting me or something like that, they hadn’t done it yet so why would they start.

On the first day of school, my bus schedule was changed so I had to wait until the bus came. I was the last one to leave my home because my mother would drive my siblings to their high school. I started to hear small rattling notices from my kitchen. Something that sounded like my cabinets opening and shaking. Then there was this tapping. Tapping against the counters and tapping against my plates. I did say before I was a pretty stupid kid.

I had went over to investigate and I didn’t see anything. I went to my plates and counter only to find scratch marks on them. It was terrifying to find them, yes, but I kept my cool and looked through all my cabinets. All of the forks and spoons hand been shuffled around.

I heard more tapping coming from my room and went to it. The only thing that was there was a few scratch marks on the wall. I was scared yes but, I couldn’t freak out at the moment. It was time to get on the bus.

Once outside I saw the bus pull up next to my house. It didn’t seem that full but I wasn’t going to ask why. When I got on the bus my best friend let me sit next to him. For the hopes that this won’t get back to him, we’ll call him Nathan. Nathan was telling me how he was upset he would be the first one on the bus and I’d be the fifth picked up. He was telling me a lot when he for some reason stopped and started crying. He didn’t have bipolar or anything so, I didn’t know why he was crying. Then he randomly said, “That really hurt! What just hit me?!”

I asked him to turn really quick. He turned and the back of his head was bleeding. Not all of it but he was still bleeding. Now, I was scared. The bus driver asked if everything was ok and I told him someone had hit Nathan in the head and he had just started bleeding. The kid sitting behind us got in trouble and I felt bad for a while about that.

Let’s skip another three weird years and to the current moment. I had just woken up only a few days ago and it was really dark. I checked the time to find that it was about one in the morning. My mouth felt unbelievably dry. I sat up and saw something running back and forth. I thought it was my little sister darting back and forth but, she would’ve never been up so early. I was sitting there looking at the figure run back and forth before realizing they weren’t making any noise. They were just running, on wood floors, without any noise. All the sudden the figure stopped and ran into my room. It stood there for a moment before giggling and then running towards the window. It then just went away. I went back to sleep.

When I woke up again it was about five in the morning. I was going to go back to sleep for another hour but there was something that was bothering me. I felt like someone was looking at me. I looked out my door and saw someone standing right in front of the bathroom door. No face, no features, no anything, they were all black. I was terrified and hid under my blanket, as if that was going to do anything. Even though I’m fifteen I was still using a blanket to protect myself. I pulled the blanket down to see the figure standing right in front of me. I tried to scream but nothing came out. It took whatever finger it had and scratched down my chest. It left no scratch in the clothes but it left a scratch on the skin. It was bleeding, yes, but I wasn’t focused on that. My focus was on the black figure. It scared me.

Right then and there it just up and left. It went toward the living room. My oldest sister had been sleeping there since she saw a big spider in her room that we’ve yet to find. I rushed out of my room to find it but nothing was there. My sister woke up and got some water but she started screaming bloody murder when she was in the kitchen, successfully waking up anyone still asleep. For the sake that this doesn’t get back to her she’ll be named, Macy. Macy showed us all a scratch down her chest and I showed mine as well. We could’ve afford to move so we still live here.

Skip to today. Me and Nathan were hanging out in the house when he asked what was making a clicking noise. I told him, “It’s just the neighbors.” He responded with, “Really? It sounds like it’s coming from your closet.”

This made my eyes shoot wide open. I asked him if he heard it coming from the closet or in the direction past the closet. He said from. I opened the door only to have it close in my face. I tried to pull it open but something was fighting against me on the other side. Nathan thought I was just messing around and came over to open it. It didn’t work and he continued to pull. Not only was it weird but it was awkward. With one really strong pull, Nathan pulled on the door and it flung open making him go backwards into me. Knocking over one of many bookshelves. Giving me a terrible headache. Nathan said, “Katherine! Katherine! I am so sorry! Something was pulling on the other side of the door!”

I nodded and started to pick up the books. Nathan picked up the bookshelf and looked at the back for a real long time. Then he finally said, “Have you always had the part of the shelf splintered?”

I looked at what he was talking about and shrugged. I never really looked behind my shelves. Maybe, that was always there and I never noticed.

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