Bright Orbs caught on Camera in the UK


Bright Orbs caught on Camera in the UK – One of the most popular sightings reported to our website has to those large white ‘plasma’ looking Orbs which many of us from around the world are witnessing and now we have an incredible catch caught on camera from back in 2001 – it is very rare to even get photos of these strange looking ‘scouting’ objects, let alone to catch it on video!

These Orbs have been with us for a VERY long time and back in World War 2 fighter pilots who were fighting the war in the skies above Europe called them ‘Foo Fighters’ (please click HERE to read more this).

Please check out the below sighting report from our follower in South Wales, UK – and his incredible photos!


Date of Sighting: 4/8/2001

Location of Sighting: Neath, South Wales, UK

Brief Description: 2 bright orbs with aux

Full Description: I recently moved into new housing estate with no street lights we were in total blackout the early hrs of Aug 4th 2001 at 3.18 am my wife took my westie out into the back yard and in doing so noticed 2 very bright lights very low and lower than the airspace over 2 new housed being constructed
she shouted to me to have a look i grabbed the video cam the lights were not moving at all just my hands at the sheer excitement of seeing them we live a long distance away from any other lights and we are in the middle of a valley i kept filming from 3.18 am- 3.38am they were still there when i returned to bed (I should have stayed ) an aircraft passes well over the lights as one can see the flashing lights on the tail, these lights appeared to be spinning again that could have been a trick with they eye they also have aux craft I have run this video on a big screen in a dark room and I am still baffled by it I have evidence on you tube of that video here is the link.

Appearance: 2 round orbs with small aux craft

Size: could have been 30 ft as there quite big

Distance: 10.000–15000 ft perhaps a shade lower I only know they were pretty close unlike the aircraft that passes over head and seemed to be on top of the new build

Day/Night: Nighttime

Time: 3.18am

Surroundings: urban area we have mountains either side and I am in the bottom of the vale

Duration: 3.18- 3.38  possibly longer as i retired to bed

Explanations: no star no man made object and def not weather balloons

Reported Previously: yes the local press they vied the tape and was amazed and have not seen anything like it ever before

Views: I have always interested in space I do believe we are not alone in this galaxy

Background: retail furnishers photographer

Location of Submitter: Neath South Wales UK

Source: ufointernationalproject

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