The Collective Reality with Night Terrors and Scary Movies


The Collective Reality with Night Terrors and Scary Movies – As night descends turning dusk into a veiled blackness across the sky, creepy crawlies come out seemingly summoned by an unseen force. Nighttime seems a bit scarier nowadays because in our world of shadows, what hides in the corners of our subconscious, is the darkness of our fears. Morning light seems to be our refuge from the occasional night terror but it’s only a reprieve until nightfall comes calling again.

I have to ask, what changed our world into a dark and sinister place within the last 40 years?

Our conscious connection to the subtle and delicate dictums of society sets us apart from animals in the sentient forests. They don’t seem to fear the darkness because they are apart of its existence. Humans have endless and notorious ways to conjure up imaginary fiends and because such refined detail is put into such a menacing envisage, they instinctively breathe life into their depicted nightmares. Our imaginations can open up to the most horrific of images and thoughts and yet at the same time create such beautiful reflections of inner tranquility.

So what is it about the dark side that is so attractive to society and why are horror flicks so popular?

Movies where evil wins, have become a mainstay in society to such a point that I think there is a subliminal message encoded that numbs the senses and impairs the mind. These tedium types of scripted flicks are accepted because people, who are subjected to subliminal messages over and over again, find comfort and familiarity within its confines without knowing why. Funny though, how people want the bejeebies scared out of them but only in the company of friends. Being alone would make it seem more real then a feigned story thanks to the over active imagination that in a moments notice, can go into overdrive.

What happens to this mindset when people go home from scary movies? Do subliminal messages keep the horror alive in the mind days, weeks or months afterwards? Wouldn’t this allow for people to inadvertently take home the very seeds of programming that perpetuates an agenda that has everything to do with a perception that isn’t theirs? Wouldn’t different frequencies come into play here too? What would affect our brains in such a way that we wouldn’t really notice our perception being altered? Maybe it starts in the beginning months of targeting a specific populace. This means, the trailer for any horror flick could attract viewers in such a way that they would be compelled to go to a movie without knowing they were triggered. Subliminal control to me is just another fancy word for mind control.

There are two parts of the brain that I think factor in here. One is the pineal gland which some say is our third eye or the seat of the human soul and the other is the pituitary gland, a pea sized body that is referred to as the master gland. The pineal gland produces melatonin which regulates body rhythms including day and night cycles. It’s important for that deep, restful sleep that we need called, Rem. The pituitary gland controls growth and development and the functioning of other endocrine glands. It sends signals to organs and glands, regulating their function. It has a big job and if anything goes haywire, we can tell by our bodies feeling off.

The reason why I brought these two specific glands up is because I believe they are affected by subliminal messages and frequencies directed at us while we are on our computers, watch TV or go to movies. As you can see, both glands are vital to our well being and because of this, I believe this is why they are being targeted to a certain degree.

Give the masses what they want and they definitely don’t need any coaxing, they adhere to the hidden, silent and unconscious signals lurking within close proximity. The ruse this type of encoding offers, is a false sense of relaxation and respite. Television and computer video games, offer an escape from reality so that people don’t feel the stress of every daily living. But we have to think about why we would even want to leave our everyday reality and consider it down time to do so. There definitely is a problem when we want to disassociate from our surroundings, allowing our world to be overshadowed by the illusion of a controlled respite.

We are our own enablers in a way because escaping from our reality doesn’t change the fact that it is always right there waiting for us when we return. Is the pill of consequence easier to swallow if we drown our reality in a myriad of non-consequential and anecdotal plots that give us no more meaning to our lives then the mundane feelings of boredom we are so desperately trying to escape from?

Horror flicks tend to give people a fatalistic ending that doesn’t necessarily relate to real life. Obviously there are scripts based on real life stories, but it seems Hollywood always wants to blur the facts into frenzied and chaotic half truths. It seems that if the story is close enough to the truth, people buy into it. The Blair Witch Project is a prime example of people rushing to conclusions. They thought what they were actually watching was real, only to find out after all the hoopla, that it was a contrived script but one that was well done.

Since the pineal gland regulates our sleep pattern, I would think watching horror flicks would affect its efficiency in doing so. Night terrors are playgrounds where shadowy minions tend to work over time but only after we turn off the lights. Let’s face it; with darkness surrounding us as we all try to fall asleep, it’s only natural to focus on the images of the intense moments of any scary movie. Melatonin would be a hard pressed commodity since every little sound or movement would invade the darkness, keeping us awake. If the pineal gland is the third eye, wouldn’t it be best to focus on endings where good wins over evil. If this type of dark subliminal message, is so engrained into people’s subconscious, does it beckon them towards a dark and obscure reality? Since the pineal and pituitary glands yields are so beneficial to a person’s well being, I would think that any type of mind control or subliminal encoding would hinder their role in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Perhaps this is the whole point, healthy people in mind and body aren’t as easy to control.

I remember when I went to go see a vampire horror flick with my cousins when I was 8 years old. We went to a local Drive-In movie theater where the large screen made it all surreal. It was a no brainer that I was scared out of my wits. I had every stressful symptom imaginable as a child because the graphic images were just too much for my naïve and impressionable mind. Many hours later, I literally saw a vampire in the living room when I got up to use the bathroom at my cousin’s house. He stood there staring at me and I let out a blood curdling scream. I can’t say it was one of those fight or flight responses because I was literally paralyzed with fear. This made me wonder, what happens to our bodies every time we go to a horror flick and get the crud scared out of us. Isn’t this self harming in an unassuming way?

Think about the collective way in which messages are delivered to peoples subconscious. It seems like horror movies always have hidden messages in the background of various scenes. It’s almost like the subconscious is aware of what’s going on way before a person can absorb what they are watching. There are social economical statements in some movies that focus on specific topics but I wonder if people really understand what they are watching especially when they are squeamishly anticipating the next scene. Horror seems like a really weird way to get across any type of statement but maybe the emotional impact these flicks have on people sets them apart from other types of manipulation. A feel-good movie would seem like a better option to get a specific message across especially one that embraces hope and victory over iniquity.

Consider all the movies out there that have sequels depicting scenarios where evil lives on. Here’s some movie trivia for you; there were 10 Halloween movies made. A Nightmare on Elm Street has 9 movies to its credit; Night of the Living Dead genre has 7. Friday the 13th has a whopping 12 sequels so I bet there is a 13th around the corner. You obviously get the picture which brings me to my point, that writers can keep evil plots alive way after they themselves are six feet under. How many times can something come back to life? It’s not only becomes nondescript but rather bland in its repetitive way.

Humanity seems to understand the good versus evil genre especially with the idea that good comes from God and evil comes from the devil. Look at the two words and you can see each word comes from the name of its origin. I wonder if people understand that perpetual images and messages that imprint despondency and dread onto their subconscious, ultimately can do harm. If we don’t become aware that we are being bombarded with these kind of repetitive messages and signals in movies, television or video games, there will be no way of protecting ourselves. Maybe there is no correlation here but in my view, dark cults tend to thrive on viewing explicit depictions of malevolence that has a darker more sinister twist to its ending. If evil wins, they are somehow vindicated in their beliefs. I don’t want to participate in any kind of validation that leaves me feeling despondent. If I take this feeling home, this is exactly the way negativity thrives and lives on.

It’s important for us notice what attracts us to the movies; is it intrigue or a marketing type of hypnosis with an agenda?

Maybe scary movies are a perverse way people make sure they can distinguish between a fabricated tale of someone’s ominous demise and their own mundane lives. In life, there doesn’t seem to be a definite line drawn between realities because sometimes legends and stories exist together, intertwining fact with fiction.

Our emotions seem to be the intermediary correlation between how we feel about something versus how we react to it. This is where change has to take place because down the road of self awareness there comes a time when we all have to grow up and allow the darkness to be what it is and to understand that the light is where we really want to be. Since I know that I could write my own scary movie that leaves nothing to the imagination, it comes down to if I want to see life in its full brilliance or wonder around in the darkness waiting for the shadows to come to life. Horror buffs can have the night terrors and minions lurking over their shoulders; I’ll go for no sequels where repetition dulls the senses and a dose of melatonin that makes the obscure darkness fade into a good nights sleep.



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