Ghost Story: Demon


Ghost Story: Demon – I have two occurences. One of which happened when I was about 3-5 yrs. Can’t remember exactly. The other happened to my grandfather. It happened in my grandparents house, which might I add, is a little bit weird anyway. It’s not old though. The bedroom and dining room sits lower than the rest of the house except the basement which is lower. The basement is a whole other story.

Anyway, when back then, at this point, I was outside with my grandmother who asked me to run inside and get her shoes out of the closet. Well, I go down to the bedroom, lean in the closet, and pick up the shoes. As I begin to stand up, I see two big yellow eyes. They weren’t human at all. They were too large to be either human or animal. Needless to say, I ran outside.

About 13 yrs later, as my grandfather and I are replacing some grass in a ditch(don’t ask), I relay the story to him. He stops working, spits some tobacco out of his mouth, and says, “You know, it’s kinda odd that you tell me that.” Naturally, I inquire. He goes on to tell me that around that same time, he was laying in bed one night, and rolled over only to see a large black bulldog, with red eyes, growling at him. It of course faded after a few seconds. My grandmother tells me about how when she was in what we affectionately called the “green room” something happened to her also. First, this room really was green. Everything in it that is. And it had a closet in it that I believe may be the origin of this room’s problem.

She related that she often would go in there and lay down to take a rest. Sometimes, she would wake and feel someone in the room there, but could not move or see anyone for that matter. She said that somehow she moved herself to the door eventually only to step out of it into the wreck room, blink, then realize, she never moved at all.

I believe that somehow, since the bedroom was closest to the basement, which I believe to have one of the more prominent sources of evil in it, the bedroom somehow automatically contained that same entity. The basement has never produced anything to make me afraid, but just being in it always made me look behind my back constantly. I spent a lot of time down there then, for that was where the TV was, and I wasn’t going to let any evil spirit get in the way of Tom and Jerry. I always felt though that something was buried or hidded in the walls in the little section between the TV room in the basement, and the washroom. And the washroom also gave me the feeling that there was something in the walls, which was also located in the basement. Go fig. Maybe there is something there. Nonetheless, I refuse to step foot any further than the wreck room.

Source: Wirenot

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