Hegel and Hermeticism


Hegel and Hermeticism – Many people are surprised to discover that several of the world’s greatest philosophers were directly involved with secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons, often talking leading roles in these societies. But why would philosophers not be interested in ancient secrets and unorthodox ideas? In fact, they were keener than anyone to gain access to the esoteric knowledge of the past.

The Hidden Hegel

The doctrines of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, being utterly false, have proved an enormous obstacle to clear thinking. The need to avoid being seen to stray into heresy and religious subversion constrained many thinkers in their public utterances and publications. In private, the views they expressed and committed to secret books were often startlingly different. There are many hidden books by great thinkers that are entirely at odds with their publicly stated positions. Their conventional works were designed to hint at their real ideas, while ensuring that they did not run foul of the authorities. Hegel, a Grand Master of the Illuminati, chose a tactic of writing in such an impenetrable style that it was difficult for anyone in the corridors of power to fully understand the radical nature of what he was declaring. In his works are buried great gems of ancient wisdom.

For those who are interested in delving into the esoteric roots of Hegel’s work, the following provides a useful introduction:


Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition by Glenn Alexander Magee is not written by an insider, but it is a valiant effort by an outsider to glimpse behind the veil and show the connections between the ideas of one of the giants of philosophy and the secret paths of knowledge that run parallel to those of the conventional world ruled by the false and deluded thinking of the mainstream religions.

Magee says, “Hegel’s library included Hermetic writings by Agrippa, Boehme, Bruno and Paracelsus. He read widely on Mesmerism, psychic phenomena, dowsing precognition and sorcery.”

“Bauer argues that Jacob Boehme was a modern Gnostic, and that Schelling and Hegel can be seen as Boehme’s intellectual heirs, and thus as Gnostics themselves.”

Magee, to his great credit, is one of the few academics who have dared to see philosophy in a wider context, one heavily influenced by secret traditions. He is also in a select group of Hegel scholars to suggest a direct connection between Hegel and the Illuminati. He says, “…Hegel was frequenting the company of known Masons, some of them graduates of the banned Illuminati.” Also, “Most of the Illuminati were also Masons. Jacques D’Hondt in his Hegel Secrets provides a fascinating discussion of the influence of the Enlightenment ideals and terminology of the Illuminati on the young Hegel.”

Hegel, Adam Weishaupt and Goethe were all contemporaries:

Johann Adam Weishaupt:
February 6, 1748 – November 18, 1830

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel:
August 27, 1770 – November 14, 1831

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:
August 28, 1749 – March 22, 1832

Hegel succeeded Weishaupt as Grand Master of the Illuminati in 1830, but died within a year. Goethe, an old man, then assumed the role, but more in an honorary capacity due to his frailty. He died within a matter of months.

The Illuminati look on this era as a particular Golden Age when it seemed that they might make a decisive breakthrough. However, in the next few decades the world became preoccupied with the industrial revolution, Marxism (Marx was heavily influenced by Hegel, though he radically altered the emphasis of Hegel’s philosophy from idealism to materialism), and Darwinism.

All of these had an adverse impact on the development of the Illuminati’s agenda. These powerful new influences turned the world away from spiritual concerns. The industrial revolution created unprecedented wealth for the Old World Order and raised their power to even higher levels; Marxism was the inevitable dialectical response. As for Darwinism – in its vulgar and misleading form of “survival of the fittest” – it provided support for the ruthlessness of the Old World Order. They claimed they were the fittest and the weak deserved to perish. It was natural and good, they said, that they should dominate and exploit the weak, the inevitable outcome of the struggle for survival.

Then Nietzsche proclaimed the death of God, Freud announced his theory of the unconscious, and the modern age was born. The Illuminati have struggled ever since to have their voice heard. But the ancient wisdom is no less relevant now than it was in the time of the Illuminati’s first official Grand Master, Pythagoras.

One of the Illuminati’s major tasks is to embrace the radical philosophy of Nietzsche and show how his ideas are compatible with the agenda of the Illuminati, even though Nietzsche was an atheist. Darwinism is also compatible with the Illuminati’s teachings, as are many aspects of the theories of the unconscious put forward by Freud and Jung. Marxism, being based on Hegel’s teachings, presents a highly distorted vision of the Illuminati’s commitment to community. A discussion of community is provided at the end of this section.

Bertrand Russell on Hegel

Upper class, privileged English philosopher Bertrand Russell disliked Hegel’s philosophy and held the opinion that almost all of Hegel’s doctrines are false. Nevertheless, in his book A History of Western Philosophy, he managed to make a few interesting observations regarding Hegel:

“In youth he was much attracted to mysticism, and his later views may be regarded, to some extent, as an intellectualising of what had first appeared to him as mystic insight.”

This comment is a useful starting point, but Russell chose not to explore it in any significant way.

“Hegel’s philosophy is very difficult – he is, I should say, the hardest to understand of all the great philosophers.”

Russell himself was clearly baffled by much of Hegel’s thought. Not being well versed in esoteric matters, Russell continually missed the point of what Hegel was saying. Hegel’s work is an elaborate code and only those who know the code can follow it correctly.

“His influence, though now diminishing, has been very great, not only or chiefly in Germany. At the end of the nineteenth century, the leading academic philosophers, both in America and Great Britain, were largely Hegelians. Outside of pure philosophy, many Protestant theologians adopted his doctrines, and his philosophy of history profoundly affected political theory. Marx, as everyone knows, was a disciple of Hegel in his youth, and retained in his own finished system some important Hegelian features.”

“…he still retains an importance which is not merely historical, as the best representative of a certain kind of philosophy which, in others, is less coherent and less comprehensive.”

The power of Hegel’s philosophy has attracted many disciples in many fields. Many have misunderstood his true message. Paradoxically, one of the great philosophers who was most at odds with Hegel – Nietzsche – espoused many ideas that would have been welcomed by both Hegel and the Illuminati. Several commentators have observed that Nietzsche’s entire philosophy can be viewed as an atheistic version of Gnosticism. This is something to which we will return at a later date.

“The Absolute Idea is pure thought thinking about pure thought.”

The goal of the Illuminati is to reach what might be termed the Omega Point – the point at which everything is understood.

“Nations, in Hegel, play the part that classes play in Marx. The principle of historical development, he says, is national genius. In every age, there is one nation which is charged with the mission of carrying the world through the stage of the dialectic that it has reached.”

Hegel said, “America is the land of the future where, in the ages that lie before us, the burden of the world’s history shall reveal itself.”

America is indeed the key nation. It is tragic that so many Americans don’t seem fit for the role history has assigned them. They think that voting for a black President is radical when in fact the very role of President upholds the system that the establishment has created to maintain itself in perpetual power. When Obama’s term comes to an end, virtually nothing will have changed. What then? Will Americans finally wise up? Or will they vote for a female President, who, in her turn, will achieve nothing?

Isn’t it a perfect system? People think that changing President is important when, in fact, it’s changing the Constitution and the political power structures of the nation that is the key to making a real difference. But the Old World Order will never allow their system to be tampered with, and they have fooled the vast majority of Americans into thinking that they have a good system of government.

The original point of the American Constitution was to provide a platform for the fair and just development of every American citizen, with the aim of giving them every opportunity to pursue happiness. But the Constitution is now simply a legal means for upholding the wealth and power of the Old World Order. Every aspect of the Constitution has become perverted and corrupted.

“Is there more reality, and is there more value, in a whole than in its parts? Hegel answers both questions in the affirmative.”

This is a key Illuminati concept. It can be illustrated with reference to the human body. A body is made up of many cells. Each cell has limited functionality, but all put together they give rise to a being that can contemplate the nature of the universe and reflect on beauty and tragedy, happiness and tears. The parts, although vital, are insignificant compared with the whole. The whole is transcendent. But what about great individuals coming together to form a community, like cells in a body? What would that whole be capable of? The Illuminati’s objective is for individuals to perfect themselves, and then to come together to form a sublime, transcendent community: new humanity, a New World Order. What is the obstacle to progress? – the Old World Order and their false and twisted religions and philosophies, and the fools who have been brainwashed into going along with them.

“Thus there can only be one true statement; there is no truth except the whole truth. And similarly nothing is quite real except the whole, for any part, when isolated, is changed in character by being isolated, and therefore no longer appears quite what it truly is. On the other hand, when a part is viewed in relation to the whole, as it should be, it is seen to be not self-subsistent, and to be incapable of existing except as part of just that whole which alone is truly real.”

“A person is a complex whole, having a single life; can there be a super-person, composed of persons as the body is composed of organs, and having a single life which is not the sum of the lives of the component persons? If there can be such a super-person, as Hegel thinks, then the State may be such a being, and it may be as superior to ourselves as the whole body is to the eye.”

This is closely related to our discussion in a previous section of the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and hic concept of the general will. Hegel, like all members of the Illuminati, was well versed in Rousseau’s ideas.

“‘Reason,’ Hegel says, ‘is the conscious certainty of being all reality.’ This does not mean that a separate person is all reality; in his separateness he is not quite real, but what is real in him is his participation in Reality as a whole. In proportion as we become more rational, this participation is increased.”

This is a reiteration of the Illuminati’s doctrine of the Double Holos – a perfect, whole individual within a perfect, whole community.

“We are told that Geist (Mind/Spirit) is the only reality, and that its thought is reflected into itself by self-consciousness.”

The final reality, the Omega Point, is perfect self-consciousness that understands all.

In a later section, we will address Hegel’s links to a previous controversial Grand Master of the Illuminati: Joachim of Fiore (1135 – 1202), the great mystic whose ideas spawned many heretical movements that challenged the power of the Catholic Church. Joachim’s central message was that the world had left the age of God the Father (the Old Testament, the Covenant between God and the Jews), the age of God the Son (the New Testament, the new Covenant between God and the Christians) and had now entered the third and final age of God the Holy Spirit. In other words, Judaism and Christianity had both been superseded in this new age, an idea that clearly flirted with heresy.

The Holy Spirit was previously referred to as the Holy Ghost (in German, Heiliger Geist). The concept of Geist is central to Hegel’s philosophy and encapsulates notions of spirit, mind and ghost. “The Age of the Holy Spirit” is Illuminati code for the triumph of Gnosticism over Judaism and Christianity.

“What experience and history teach us is that people and governments have never learned from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.”

Humanity can progress to its next stage only when it has understood how it came to be where it currently is. There are many obstacles that stand in the way. One of the central obstacles is one that the vast majority would never consider as any kind of problem. In fact, they might define it as the point of life. That obstacle is the family. The family is the essence of the Old World Order. Until the family is placed in a new context, humanity will be trapped forever in the Old World Order’s web, the food for the greediest of spiders.

Family versus Community

“The rich will always be with us,” we are told. Will they? “Rich” means disproportionately well off. Why should others in a community of so-called equals permit a few amongst them to commandeer an excessive share of the resources? Extreme wealth implies a master and slave culture. The masters take whatever they want and the slaves are too scared to challenge them. In a true community, based on equality and respect, there are no masters and no slaves, hence there are no rich. Only those who support master and slave societies advocate the “right” of a few people to enjoy enormous wealth.

The real struggle in the world is between two different visions of society, one based on family and one on community. In the family vision, family is the basic unit of society. Everything revolves around family. Virtually everyone in the world buys into the belief that family is the most important thing. There is relentless propaganda on behalf of the family. Yet anyone who cares to stop and think will see that we have been betrayed by the gospel of family. We know what this model of society gives us – the grim world we see all around us, the hateful arena of the Old World Order.

How do families operate? They put their interests above everyone else’s. Parents openly proclaim their intention to do whatever it takes to make sure their children prosper, even if that involves sabotaging the interests of other families. Straight away, a platform for selfishness and division exists. Society based on family is a dog-eat-dog culture based on the particular wills of families rather than the general will of the community.

Journalist Minette Marrin in The Sunday Times said that “pushy parents” are “social Darwinists”, red in tooth and claw. “Before their babies are even born they’ve set them down for favoured schools.”

How can unconnected, impoverished parents, struggling to make a living, compete with parents who know all of the people worth knowing and have the money to pay for anything they need?

Families, in order to bolster their power and influence, make alliances with similar families. Jewish families gravitate towards other Jewish families, Muslim families to other Muslim families. Wealthy families surround themselves with other wealthy families. Masonic families seek out other Masonic families. The families of rich bankers spend their time in the company of other rich bankers. Privileged, elite families come together with other privileged, elite families to build a mutual back-scratching empire of power over lesser families. Families ally themselves with similar families to achieve their collective ends. They ignore or actively exploit lesser families. They show solidarity with those who are like them and contempt for those who are not.

Many families from the lower reaches of society are completely dysfunctional. Many have fallen apart. The children of such families are almost guaranteed lives of misery. Why doesn’t the State help them? Because the State itself is based on prosperous, stable families. So the State, rather than governing in the interests of all of the people, in fact governs on behalf of successful families. What kind of State is that? No State at all. That is an oligarchy.

But the lesser families don’t complain. They aspire to join the privileged elite. They admire the privileged elite. They read books about how the privileged elite succeeded and try to emulate them. That’s how deluded and brainwashed they are.

In a community based on equality and respect, no family would dare to show such disrespect to other families as to try to commandeer excessive resources for themselves, to try to rig the game in their favour at the expense of others. In a community, parents of one family would be as interested in the success of the children of another family as they are in their own. If it became obvious that the children of other families were more talented than their own children, they would support the advancement of those children over their own. That is what meritocracy means. Everyone in a meritocratic society is duty-bound to identify the most meritorious amongst them, no matter what background they come from.

If the most meritorious are promoted to the leading positions in our society, rather than the spoiled children of privileged elites, our society will be transformed. Everyone in society, whether from a dysfunctional family or not, can rely on the State to do its best for them. Our society at the moment is not inclusive. Everyone can see the extreme difference between the haves and the have-nots. The have nots know the State is not interested in them, so they often become criminals, malcontents, or take whatever welfare they can from the State with no intention of paying anything back. And they are right to do so. Why should anyone help a State that doesn’t operate in their interests? If a State does not support the general will then it is illegitimate, a concealed tyranny that is promoting the sectional interests of the elite that holds all of the power in society. It is a disgrace that nations such as America and Great Britain describe themselves as “democracies”. They are plutocracies: they are ruled by the rich.

Family is the bedrock of the Old World Order. The OWO are a group of dynastic families who have played the family game in the optimal way, and secured permanent power and riches for themselves. Look at the infamous Rothschild family. That family has held vast power for millennia and will do so for millennia to come unless it is stopped. Why should people be allowed to enjoy the finest and easiest of lives simply because their name is “Rothschild.” Meritocracy will sweep away all of the dynastic families.

Why do the Illuminati advocate meritocracy? For two simple reasons. 1) It is objectively the best form of government and 2) it destroys the power of the Old World Order.

There is no reason why the Old World Order would wish to abandon the family model of society. It has given them everything they desire. There is every reason why families who do not belong to the Old World Order should wish to turn to community instead. Only a fool plays a game rigged against him. The best parents, those who genuinely want to give their children the best chance in life, must do something remarkable. They must embrace community, which means treating the children of other families as of equal importance to their own. Can you imagine how the world would be transformed? Yet it is the most difficult transition confronting humanity. And the Old World Order will do everything to stop it. They despise community. They want to be the masters who lead the herd. They don’t want to help anyone to whom they are not related or allied. The last thing they desire is for their privileged children to be competing on an equal footing with all other children, because then they can no longer guarantee the outcome. Meritocracy is all about making everyone stand at the same starting line, rather than allowing the privileged to buy starting positions much closer to the finishing line, ensuring that they always win.

So, which is it going to be – family or community? Privilege or meritocracy? The Old World Order or the New World Order?

Source: armageddonconspiracy

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