Horrible Breaking News: NATO Preps “Concentration Camps” For Mass Detainees—Proof and Footage!


Horrible Breaking News: NATO Preps “Concentration Camps” For Mass Detainees—Proof and Footage! – In the eye-opening video below by Gary Franchi at The Next News Network, he delves through the haunting truth staring many of us in the face. That is that NATO is preparing their Mass Detention Centers for occupancy—or better remembered as, “Concentration Camps.” This is a HUGE report for everyone around the world because as many of you know the United Nations and NATO work hand-in-hand.

Here is the HIGHLY disturbing report …

Video Transcript:

Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor these names invoke horrifying images of human cattle cars and mass executions during the holocaust. Well it seems old habits die hard as NATO is training to revive similar camps as part of the largest NATO drill in over a decade – Trident Juncture.

Yet here’s the twist, detainees arriving at these camps likely be muslims forced from their homes in the Middle east and registered by Polish troops.

Detainees will be scanned for explosives, drugs, infections and even radiation. Certainly a far cry from when Hitler ordered his men to check for lice and gold fillings. And instead of forced labor and mass executions these detainees will be given medical care.

“Good Morning, I’m LTC Sierra, the commander of the CIMIC Battalion. This morning we have set up a refugee camp. In this refugee camp several stakeholders has been performing their activities: CIMIC, PsyOps, CBRN and military police. Many incidents has been included in this activities in order to train our soldiers. I want to add that this has been a very good opportunity to observe our activities with cameras, in this multinational environment, which is the Trident Juncture exercise. Thank you very much.” LTC Sierra (ESP) from multinational CIMIC,

Meanwhile at Zaragoza Air Field, Spain troops practice mass chemical, biological, radiological and Nuclear decontamination. The full scale exercise includes decontamination techniques for Helicopters, weapons, protective equipment, and personnel both military and civilian. The platoon is estimated to be able to decontaminate 60 soldiers and 100 vehicles in one hour.

“Right now, we are doing the task with a Spanish light artillery battalion. We are here to decontaminate them, the vehicles and also the persons, walking persons. Through the person decontamination is able to pass 110, but it depends, if there are civilian or military. If it’s military, just 60 people an hour. In vehicle site we are able to do 100 vehicles per hour. ”

As President Obama considers ground troops in Syria and Russia expands its Mideast offensive into Iraq and Afghanistan the allied forces are preparing for the worst, including concentration camps and massive distribution of weapons of mass destruction.

This will not be reported on by the network or cable news. Please help us get the word out by distributing this report to your social networks. For the Next News Network – I’m Gary Franchi.

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