Leviathan – Famous philosophical work


Leviathan – Famous philosophical work – For centuries, the Illuminati have used a single image to represent everything to which they are opposed. It is the illustration by Abraham Bosse and Thomas Hobbes that appears on the frontispiece of Hobbes’ famous philosophical work “Leviathan”.

“May those who curse days curse that day, those who are ready to rouse Leviathan.” (Book of Job 3:8)

In Christian literature, the Leviathan is an image of Satan. John Milton, in Paradise Lost, uses “Leviathan” to describe Satan’s size and power. In Gnosticism, Satan is identified with Jehovah/Allah/the Christian God. He is the God who demands worship, hymns and prayers, kneeling and bowing, a world in total submission to his tyrannical will. He wants all of us to stand in front of a wailing wall and lament our unworthy existence. He is anathema.


In the picture, Leviathan – Rex Mundi (King of the Earth), the Demiurge, Satan – wears a monarch’s crown (the symbol of tyranny), and wields a sword (the symbol of oppression), and a crozier (the symbol of religious authority). This is the essence of Satan’s rule: religious, military and royal tyranny. Above Leviathan is a Latin inscription from the Book of Job: Non est potestas super terram quae comparetur ei: “There is no power on earth that compares with it.”


Leviathan is a giant who towers over his dominions. Trapped inside his body are all the slaves worshipping their dark master. They are faceless and nameless, facing inwards while their lord faces outwards.

The slaves are gathered like a congregation at church, in awe before their Satanic master. They are without individuality. All of them are submitting to the tyrant’s power. This is an image of total subordination.

Leviathan is also a symbol of the Old World Order: the triple tyranny of church, army and royalty. How many billions have been enslaved by these three aspects of Leviathan?

The creature’s crown is composed of gold and jewels – symbols of earthly wealth. Leviathan is Mammon. Leviathan is Satan. Leviathan is the Old World Order. Leviathan is unbridled capitalism. Every building in Wall Street should bear the grotesque image of Leviathan. Investment banks are temples to Leviathan, and their CEOs the high priests.

When will the people of the world stop worshipping the sinister forces that have turned them into slaves?

Follow the light.

Follow the path of Illumination.

The Illuminati will triumph over Leviathan.


The tyranny of Leviathan most manifests itself in his chosen religion – Judaism. Look at the ludicrous concept of “Shabbat” in Satan’s special religion. According to the Jews, the “Creator” made the world in six days and rested on the seventh. No one questions the absurdity of “God” resting (never mind the laughable notion that he created the world in six days). What, was he tired, exhausted by his labours?
And because Leviathan rested on the Seventh Day then so must his Chosen People. If they don’t, they will suffer the death penalty according to Mosaic Law (Exodus 31:15): “Everyone that shall do any work on this day shall die.”

In other words, you have no choice about how to spend your day, how to allocate your own time. You are a slave, threatened with death if you don’t comply with the wishes of your controllers.

“Shabbat” is an obscenity. There is a tradition amongst Jews that if every Jew properly observes two consecutive Sabbaths the Jewish messiah will come. The last thing the world needs is a messiah sent by Leviathan. The world has suffered long enough. Thirty-nine categories of activity are prohibited on Shabbat. People are not allowed to open refrigerators because an automatic light will come on. (An automatic light being activated is considered forbidden work.) People are not allowed to have security lights that are triggered by motion detectors.

As soon as you hear adult human beings worrying about whether or not automatic lights come on, you know you are dealing with creatures entirely under Leviathan’s control, lacking all free will and self-respect. What a preposterous God it is that worries about lights and would gladly sentence people to death if they transgressed by allowing their lights to switch on automatically.

Orthodox Jews frequently mark their territory. They create an area called an “eruv”. It is said that many eruvs (eruvim) even surround areas with substantial non-Jewish populations. Most of the gentiles are unaware that such a ghetto perimeter exists. Though they are physically marked, eruvim are difficult to identify for those who do not know the signs. Pieces of string are often suspended from the tops of posts. Telephone poles and lampposts are frequently used in an eruv. Do not allow yourself to be placed inside the perimeter of an eruv. This is the domain of the creatures of Leviathan. They have no right to place you within their prison.

Leviathan is a jealous, wrathful, partisan god. He is obsessed with appearance and idiotic rules that serve no purpose whatever. He has a peculiar fascination with hair. Women must wear wigs over the hair they were born with. Men mustn’t shave the sides of their faces.

Leviathan’s most zealous followers wear odd clothes that have the inevitable consequence of alienating them from people of other communities. This is the precise intention of their divisive god. He continually constructs rules and regulations that will drive people apart and create conflict. There are even strict laws regarding what food people should eat. People are forbidden from eating pork. Only kosher food must be eaten. What manner of god is obsessed with dietary rules?

When you find a religion full of senseless rules and restrictions, you can tell immediately that you are encountering one of Leviathan’s demonic religions. Leviathan’s religions are about control. They do no advocate freedom, independence, people thinking for themselves. They revolve around a single concept – “Obey me or suffer the consequences.” They are instruments of tyranny, of forced compliance. They are designed to humiliate people and make them submit to Leviathan’s malevolent will.

Do not let Leviathan control you. Reject all petty rules of absurd, Satanic religions. A God who cares about how you wear your hair, what meat you eat and what clothes you put on is no God at all. The True God would not spend an instant worrying about whether anyone did or did not comply with a ridiculous set of Shabbat requirements.
The True God’s message is one of illuminating the darkness in which humanity is held. He is the perfect master of himself and of nature. He wants us to acquire equal mastery. So, above all, we must overcome all that is slave-minded within us. Leviathan’s religions, on the contrary, are all about emphasising that we are slaves, chaining us to bewilderingly bizarre, mindless rules. Masters look to themselves for freedom. They do not bow and kneel. As soon as we stop prostrating ourselves before Leviathan, we will start to feel strength flowing through us. We need no one to redeem us. We can redeem ourselves if we allow ourselves to step into the light.

Reject Leviathan. Bow to no one. Overthrow the Old World Order, the kingdom of darkness, the realm of Satan.


Source: armageddonconspiracy

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