Mirucullus – Episode 3: Prison Break


Mirucullus – Episode 3: Prison Break – Klx’s last comment made Daphne stop breathing and widened her eyes. The demon hunter’s guild was a part of her lifetime which felt her with both positive and negative feelings. It consisted of seven members of several races and multiplicity of skills. Their leader was Atross, a human warrior with high tactical skills and strong combat abilities. The guild was hunting down demons across the realm, following the leads given by the Oracles of Hellion kingdom. For many years, they succeeded in eliminating a lot of demons, minions and Dark Summoners. However, their growing success had as a tragic result to be focused on perilous enemies. When she managed to calm down, she said with trembling voice:

“That’s impossible. They all died, I saw it with my own eyes.”
“What you saw was real, Gnome. This demon hunter didn’t take part in that deadly battle.”
“It was all of them …” Daphne shook her head, “… I buried all of them.”
“You did” Klx replied.
“Then who the hell is he?” Daphne shouted.
“He is the first born and only descendant of Atross.”
“I knew Atross personally; he never mentioned a son.” She said frowned and with a calmer voice than moments ago.
“I suppose that the guild master had pretty good reasons to keep his son’s existence hidden from his enemies.”
“I assume you are right. He was always circumspect, even for less important matters.” Daphne stated, with a wistful gaze, “What happened to his son?”

“After his father’s death, he learnt his identity and occupation somehow. It seems that he decided to follow the same steps as Atross, and now he is a mercenary, fighting in the Dramaria Continent.”
“What is he doing in Dramaria?” she asked surprised, “Does he have a death wish?”
“It seems he looks for something you stopped looking centuries ago Gnome.” Klx stopped talking and, by the way, he commented Daphne thought that if he had lips, he would laugh deviously, “The Mirucullus.”
Daphne’s eyes became more widened than before, and she stood up from her chair. Hitting her fists on the table, she said in an angry tone: “That’s impossible! The Mirucullus doesn’t exist! It’s a stupid myth!”

“Don’t get mad at me. I am just the messenger. And maybe he is not there for the actual thing, but for a tip …” he stopped for a moment, and his glassy eyes blinked a blue light, “… even though I don’t know how reliable his informant is going to be.”
“Why?” Daphne calmed down and asked.
“He is probably going to ask the Prophets of Naaro. And as I can see, they are not the friendliest tribe on the Dramaria continent.”
“I know them …” her eyes moved downwards, as she could recall something, “… they will ask him to do some trials; some nasty ones, but doable if he has his father’s genes.” After a profound moment of silence, she asks again: “What is his name?”
“Sirrius Thrett.”
“You have to be kidding me …” she said after hearing him pronouncing the name.
“No. It seems that someone called him that way during his growing years.”
Daphne smirked, “Ok if you say so. And what about the advice I asked? Do you know anyone compatible to become a demon hunter?”
“I have made a list of five creatures with high potential, and maybe two or three more with less.” Klx stated.
“How about you look for them, and I travel across Dramaria to find Sirrius …” she stopped and smirked again, as she couldn’t get the reason someone giving him such a silly name.

“This cannot happen …” Klx said, “… for obvious reasons.”
“What reasons exactly?” Daphne asked, pretending she didn’t get his words.
“You have a head …” he responded agitated, “… how are you going to convince them to give you the rest of the body and leave this place with it?”
“I am not going to …” she said in a natural manner, “… we are going to escape this place.”
Klx laughed so loud that his electric voice echoed across the huge room. Finishing his laugh, he said: “Even though your idea sounds great Gnome, you still have to claim my body.”
“I have a plan.” Daphne said and giggled, “Just trust me.”
After a short moment of silence, Klx said: “Ok. Do as you like. I don’t have something to lose.”

Daphne nodded and switched off his head. Moments later, the technician was there, and she was waiting for him. Besides, he was a part of her plan.
“Young man …” she told him with a serious tone, “I want to buy this cyborg’s entire body, for research reasons.”
“Ok mam!” he responded enthusiastically, “I am going to talk to the warden. Only he can authorize the purchase.”

Several minutes later, and while Daphne had enough time to prepare her schemes, the technician came back with a man, who seemed to be, the warden next to him. What betrayed his identity was the navy blue suit he was wearing, as he was the only one not obligated to wear a uniform in the prison building. He was at the same height as the young technician, but way heavier, and he had a thick well-preserved moustache over his lips. Rubbing his hands he nodded and with a confident smile he said with a solemn voice:

“Pietter told me you wish to buy X-355LK’s body for research. Is that correct ma’am?”
Daphne nodded, “Yes it is. And I want his sword as well.”
“Ok then!” he said and clapped his hands, he looked straight into her eyes; “It is one million Karanas the body, and another two hundred grand the sword” he fell into silence, craving noticeably for her positive response.
After a deep sigh and a long moment, during which Daphne was trying to convince the prison warden that she was considering his proposal, she nodded, pretending it was something she couldn’t deny.
“Ok. It sounds like a decent deal. I will make the transfer now.” She said and reached her left arm, starting to type something.
At the time the young technician, with another prison employee, brought the large box with the Cyborg’s body, the prison’s warden was checking the Karanas transfer.

Daphne stepped forward and seated on the box. Giggling like she fooled someone, she said: “Thanks for everything!”
“Fuck!” the warden spouted and turned his furious gaze towards the Gnome, “The transfer is a fake! Stop her!”
It was late, though. Daphne had already teleported out of the room with the body.

“At least she didn’t take the head …” Pietter, the technician, said in low voice, standing at the desk and reaching his hands to grab it.
The moment he touched it, though, the difference between someone who use technology and someone that uses magic appeared. The head proved one of Daphne’s Shadow Clones, exploding with electricity, causing a red code breakdown all over the prison, locking everyone inside; everyone but her and Klx. The moment she heard the sirens coming out the prison, she was finishing reassembling the cyborg.
“I own you my existence,” Klx said nodding.

“Are you ready to recruit the creatures you mentioned earlier?” she asked him with a smirk.
I am more than ready. He said gazing the prison before him, “I am free …”

X-355LK or Klx_by_madspartan013

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