NASA Director Predicts Discovery of Alien Life in Next 10 Years


NASA Director Predicts Discovery of Alien Life in Next 10 Years – In the words of the hit science fiction television show “X-Files,” the truth is out there. In fact, aside from truth out in space, there could also be extraterrestrial life forms. NASA Director of Planetary Science James Green claims the discovery of alien life could be possible in 10 years.

“The data that we’re receiving is really exciting in telling us, forcing us to think about this in new and exciting ways. I believe we’re on the right track…If we answer it, and it’s positive, then life is everywhere in the solar system. Just think about that-we might not be alone,” stated Green.

Aside from predicting that alien life would be discovered in the next 10 years, the NASA director also named four planets where extraterrestrials may inhabit. These include Mars, Saturn’s Moon Enceladus, Jupiter’s Moon Europa and Saturn’s Moon Titan.

It isn’t hard to visualize Mars being inhabited by alien life as it’s just a few months ago when NASA discovered signs of liquid water in its craters. In order to survive, water is a vital element, which is why scientists concluded the red planet could be inhabited by life forms or may be able to sustain life.

As for the moons of the ringed planets, Jupiter and Saturn, this is not the first time that a NASA director has claimed extraterrestrial life exists. Normal Bergrun, a NASA scientist, stated that “living alien UFO spaceships” have been proliferating on Saturn’s rings.

“What I found out is, these things inhabit Saturn, that’s where I first discovered them, and they’re proliferating. You can [also] find them around Uranus and Jupiter. Wherever you see some rings, that is where I see the crafts, I call them a ringmaker,” stated Bergrun in his book, “Ringmakers of Saturn.”

While Bergrun is focused on the ringed planets, Green states that planets which contain liquid water, energy and organic material are enough to sustain life.

“But recent observations have changed all of that. It’s now turning our attention to the right places for us to take a deeper look and start to answer our life question. So when look out into the solar system, where are the possibilities?” stated Green.

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