Real Ghost Story: Danger Nights


Real Ghost Story: Danger Nights – Welcome friends. Pardon me if there is some grammatical error in my story as my first language is not English. So coming to the story which have been experienced by me in real and is spooky for me. Till now I had no paranormal experience anywhere.

It is my recent and first experience in my own home and since it is rainy season going on the weather itself is very pleasant but spooky.

It was Saturday night 02/07/2016 and as usual I was lying on my bed at 12. 15 and unnaturally my eyes saw a shadow what at first I felt like a branch swinging of a tree, so I did not payed any attention but after 15 minutes or so on what I saw shaked me and made me numb. The shadow moved faster and it was a hand apparition. Clearly I saw big fingers like structure and what was more spooky was it was moving near me. I could see because there was little light in bedroom making it clear for me to see it (shadow) and outside my house stray dogs were barking erratically.

After recollecting my senses I prayed to my favourite lord ganesha which I have as locket in my neck and I don’t know how but the shadow did not disappeared but was still where it was and it stopped moving towards me. I did not came to know when I felt asleep that night. I could wake up my mom who sleeps with me but I did not wanted to disturb her nor make her frighten so I chose not to.

On daytime I saw there was a tree but not very near to window to cast shadow. (30-40 feets approx). On daytime everything was normal and no ghostly activities reported by me or my mom and dad.

The next night I was already frightened but knew something was surely not good and normal. I was seeing the window side but did not have confidence to go near to it to get clear view in night. So as usual I was frightened and prayed to god and was asleep but at midnight or so (time I don’t know pardon).

I was half awoken from the sleep and what I saw was made me numb. There was a small glass like apparition near window. It was not black as many people see and describe but semitransparent and did not had clear face. So I was feeling numb and paralysed but in mind awaken. I prayed to lord and felt somewhat relaxed and went to sleep.

Again that night itself I was awaken again and this time the glass like figure was sitting besides me. I wanted to shout but I could not forget about that I could not move my body an inch. But there was no suffocation or anything like that just fear in my mind and numbness.

After minute or so the figure disappeared and I was relieved and don’t know when I went to sleep.

The other day I told my mom early morning that I want our house to be blessed and puja to be done so my mom agreed without counter questioning me. The same day we had puja and kirtan in our house done with help of our good neighbours co-ordination and all tasks were performed duly.

The night came of 04.07.2016. Everything was very quiet and normal and even dogs were not barking. I was actually awake seeing if I could see any shadow. Actually I had now bit courage since I was bit sure that its intention was not to harm me. But there was nothing and after 30 minutes or so I was asleep but that night I had a dream of a boy saying “Thank you and I will miss you” to me and I am saying boy as from face I can guess it and he was teenager but it was a weird dream and cannot be forgotten in lifetime! I was woken up startled in the night and I was puzzled and frightened and went to sleep that night.

Other day I thought very much about it and concluded that it was not bad spirit and wanted to contact me not for bad…

I will miss him a lot and I am now not afraid at night because of him. My afraidness has reduced very low. It’s like I also wanted to speak to him now.

Till now, I had no such dreams or activity or any such thing now at night.

Hope you loved reading it. A bit long but sorry and thanks for bearing with me friends.

Your review by post are welcomed by me, whether positive or negative.

Also please tell me friends what you feel what was it? Did it wanted to have a talk with me?

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