Real Ghost Story: The Disconnected Light


Real Ghost Story: The Disconnected Light – The story I’m about to share with you happened when I was around 14. I lived in a small home on the island called Sanday located north of Scotland in the Orkney islands. The house was very old and small with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a bathroom.

At the time it was just my parents and my younger brother living there. My mum and dad had the master bedroom, my brother had the second room and I had the third. My brother’s room was very close to my parents’ room with only the living room separating them as he is hearing impaired (if there was a fire he would not hear the alarm).

From the living room was a corridor which led to the bathroom and kitchen. My room had a small window looking out onto a walkway leading to the garden and only one door that opened out into the kitchen, making my area very isolated from the rest of the house. (To give you an idea how alone I was… During one night of terror which I may write about some day, I SCREAMED at the as loud as I humanly could while tears were steaming down my cheeks for my parents but they could not hear me.)

Being an old house it had a lot of disconnected electrics from decades past such as old lights, light switches, radiators and the old fuse box… Stuff like that. None of it worked but our landlord had installed some basic lighting and heating which we used. Even so I did not have a light in my room so I had to make do with a lamp under my window to illuminate and warm my room.

This is where my story begins. Like any normal kid I attended school, so every morning at around 7.30 my dad would come in and wake me up by prodding me or just calling my name. This was the daily routine.

The morning this incident took place was a little different. I was laying in bed asleep when suddenly I got a bright light from above blind my eyes. It was going on and off along with a clicking sound, I jolted up. Assuming it was my wake up call I said “OK, OK I’M UP ALREADY!” Or something to that effect. Still being half asleep it took me a few seconds to realise something was not quite normal, then I looked up to the light source. Like I mentioned before, the light socket on the ceiling has been disconnected for many decades, not only that but IT DID NOT EVEN HAVE A LIGHT BULB IN IT. At first I doubted myself but when I walked over to the old switch and flicked it on… It was the same sound I had heard snapping on and off 5-7 times along with the bright light.

I am convinced it was not my dad and it could not have been my lamp as it was always fairly dim, not nearly bright enough to wake me. Even to this day I think back with more fascination than fear. How was that even possible? Thank you for reading my story and I’ll try to answer any questions.

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