Real Ghost Story: That Girl Was In True Love


Real Ghost Story: That Girl Was In True Love – This is my first story that I am submitting on YGS so please pardon me if I will make any mistake to describe this experience. First I would like to tell you about my background.

I am 27 years old mature, sensitive and emotional girl basically from Uttarakhand (India) but now a days I am in Delhi (India). This incident has taken place in my 2nd house in Delhi. We are 3 siblings (me, my elder sister and my younger brother). In that house I was staying with my elder sister. In that house we were staying since 2 or 3 months I think so.

Now I will tell you this story from the starting. This incident started when one of my neighbor committed suicide because she was in love with someone and she ran away with him and after 1 night her brother catch her and bring her in home. She committed suicide on the same day.

As I have already mentioned that I am very emotional and sensitive girl so when I heard about this I was really very upset even though I don’t know her but I thought that how much pain she was feeling at that time because committing suicide is not a very easy task, you have to tolerate so much pain. So I thought about her for 5 days and even I was not able to sleep because I was not feeling good for her. After 5 days we were having a party at my sister’s friend’s place so I went there with my sister and that house was exactly in front of that girl’s house. When I was standing their I don’t know what happen and I was faint on the floor, after 30 seconds or so I came in my conscious and I was feeling really very relaxed even though I didn’t slept since 5 days.

On the next day me and my sister were sleeping in our house on mattress because it was summer and in Delhi it was really very hot (because we have just started our career, we don’t have AC at that time). In the mid-night I felt some fingers kind of figure at my back, shoulder and head, same thing my sister was feeling but we didn’t discussed about that because I felt if will discuss with sister she may scared.

After 1 hour I said to my sister that “I am feeling that their is mice who is touching my back again and again”. My sister said that OK we can go to our bed for sleep. We went to our bed and there were no source for mice to come up but the same thing I was feeling and my sister too. Now we discussed about it and we were feeling the same things. Very clear fingers on our back, shoulder, hairs and head. We were really very scared and the time was around 2am-3am. We have played prayer of our lord Hanuman in our mobile and switched on our laptop and started watching moving.

Next day, early in the morning, we went to one of our friend’s place for few days and searched for some other house. When we went back to house (where we felt all that) to collect our belongings we feel some negative vibes there and quickly we left that house.

I don’t know what exactly it was but I felt really very scared at that time. Comments are most welcome.

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