Real Ghost Story: Hangout With Mohini


Real Ghost Story: Hangout With Mohini – This incident happened some 10 years ago right in the heart of the city of Madras. In Madras, there is a place called Kodambakkam, which is quite popular for housing many of the cine studios for several decades. Over a period of time and due to advancement of technologies in film industry, some of the studios were sold out and apartments have started mushrooming. In one of those sites, this particular incident has happened. For the reason of the fact that there is a well located apartment complex as on this date, I do not want to give the studio’s name or the apartment’s name, which is actually named after the studio in Saligramam in Madras. I would also like to mention about the aspects of Mohini. Mohini is a feminine ghost, who generally comes after bachelors, especially in certain places. They come after these persons for quenching their sexual appetite. Persons who have experienced Mohini attacks have opined that it requires superhuman stamina to withstand such seduction and it would generally be two days before they become normal-self to carry out their normal routine work. Such would be the exhaustion on the part of the person attacked by Mohini.

In the site meant for construction of apartments after the demolition of studio, generally in these areas where it is tropical, thatched huts would come up for housing the persons guarding the construction materials etc. Generally, the construction workers take turns in staying overnight in those huts or in hot summer time, they usually put up a cot outside the thatched hut during night time to sleep. The incidents started happening as and when the person watching the site stays outside the hut to catch the night sleep. These assaults are made only to bachelors. Whenever a married person stays overnight and even sleeps outside the hut, there was no report of incident.

On one night, a bachelor was staying and he had experienced as if he was having an experience of sexual relationship with a woman, however, not visible to him. After that night, he overslept and was not able to get up from bed even at around 9.00 a.m. He could not discharge his normal duties throughout that day and even next day. Everyone, at the first instance, thought that this man drunk a lot and hence due to hangover, he was not able to perform his duties. A couple of days later, the same kind of experience happened to another person but this time, to a person who never drank in his lifetime. While everybody was skeptical about the narrations given by the two persons about the experience which were almost similar, nobody could dispute it either because married persons never experienced such happenings.

The construction persons gave a serious thought for solving this peculiar problem only when the incidents started repeating itself for a few more persons and on two occasions to the same individuals. They have approached my friend’s father, Mr. Subramaniam, who was a religious person and who knows about the designs and activities of such Mohinis. Myself and his son, Bala, were with him when he visited the site. He stopped us at one particular place and not to venture further into the site because we were also bachelors at that time. He immediately felt the presence of one Mohini. He took some sand from that place and in his residence; he started reading some old books and consulted one of the elderly persons well-versed in Mantras. Myself and Bala were not allowed to discuss this issue at that point of time with anybody and were not even allowed to stay in the room when he was discussing about these aspects. However, we overheard what was going on from my friend’s room.

Mr. Subramaniam stated that this Mohini had an unquenched sexual thirst in the previous birth as a spirit and owing to the fact that in the previous birth, the spirit expired in an accident; the spirit transformed into a Mohini and started quenching its desires through these kinds of relationships with bachelors.

He did some poojas and gave one Sudarsana Chakra (a highly religious and potent piece of tin loaded with mantras) and asked the persons to nail it before the thatched hut. One more chakra was nailed at the far end of the site, where one more thatched hut was located. After that there were no attacks until the construction was over to anybody.

Myself and my friend were really scared for months about such incidents and did not go to that site even after its construction for nearly 2 years even though my friends were staying in the newly constructed apartments. But, no incident is reported until now. My friend’s father Mr. Subramaniam still says that Mohini would have gone to some other place for quenching its desires and advises bachelors not to venture into lonely places especially in the evenings or late in the evenings.

When I narrated the earlier incident of Mr. Narayanan (which was reported in my earlier write-up Lady Ghost calling Nam), he said that it was also one of the manifestations of Mohini and had Mr. Narayanan turned his face, he would have met the same fate as what has happened to the bachelors in the construction site and probably something more fatal.

In retrospect, if I think about this incident, I still have shivers in my spine and my friend, Bala also feels the same way.

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