Real Ghost Story: Lived With A Ghost For 22 Years


Real Ghost Story: Lived With A Ghost For 22 Years: I never thought I would share this on the internet. But it seems like the appropriate platform. So, where to begin…

We moved out to family summer house when I was 2. House is 65 years old right now, before it was used only in summer but since my father was not doing well we moved in there permanently. My great grandfather bought the land for a good price and built the house back in the day. He told people that as they dug for the foundations of the house, they were able to see some stones or marbles. So the house was built on them. There was also a well in the garden, you can tell there used to be someone living there ages ago. It was a pretty house with a very big garden, probably the biggest garden in our neighborhood. So when you enter the garden and if your senses are strong you could feel the weird vibe. So I remember when I was around 4, I used to hear someone calling my name and I was going out to search for the voice in the garden. My mom says that when I was 3, I was writing some letters (looking like Greek letters) on the walls with chalk. Also once in winter, we had a stove to heat the room and sometimes it smoked. My mom says one night she heard someone hitting on the walls and tables to make some noise. She woke up to that sound and realize we were about to die due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. These happened in the first couple of years of our stay.

Later on, when I was around 14, I was reading a book in the living room and my brother fell a sleep on the couch. It was around 2.00 am, I felt that I have been watched and I heard someone whispering me to go to bed. I didn’t take it seriously and I swear 2 minutes later there was a strong wind blowing through the windows and it actually made curtains fly. It was not a windy night and it was a weird single wind. I freaked out and directly went to bed. About 2 or 3 hours later, my brother woke us up with a scream. He kept saying that there is someone in the house. He said he saw a woman pacing in the room. He first thought, it was my sister going to kitchen. But my sister had short curly hair and this woman had long straight hair.

A year after this incident, my mom and my dad were in the living room and they heard someone knocking the door. Then they both heard my sister’s voice saying “Mom, open. It’s me”. So my mom opened the door as they both saw there was nobody at the door. When my sister came home, she confirmed that she was out with the friends. Later on, I had a strange dream about a woman -maybe because I was highly effected by what was happening I do not know- I saw a woman in a light pink dress, floating in the garden. She smiled at me and asked me if I want to see where the treasure is. I said yes and she took me to some part of the garden, I was seeing garden in old times. There was no trees that we planted, there was a mill instead. She had me locate the spot and I dug. When I woke up I described the woman to my brother, it was almost the same appearance that he has seen that night.

Meanwhile, people who visited us has seen shadows passing through the windows. I used to lose my hair-clips or cards. Once I remember I put my passenger card on the console and my mom saw me do that. I started doing my make-up then it just vanished. We got shocked and started looking every where. I mean where could it go. Then we went to my room when we came back, it was laying on the ground in front of the door. There is no way that I wouldn’t see it. Hiding objects happened couple of times too. But most common this was knocking on the window. We used to wake up to knocks on the window. You know, the sound when someone taps on the window. People say, it can be anything but I know what I heard. We sold that place 22 years later. It took us too long because it was complicated to sell since it was inheritance by the great grandfather.

I had a friend who was deeply into these stuff. I told him that we saw a ghost in the garden. I didn’t give any details about the woman or anything. He said he wants to see the garden so one night after work we went there. He meditated and took some notes. He started describing the woman. Exact features that we have seen. He said her name was Rakel and she was a volunteer working in a Church ages ago. She was exiled from Croatia and settled down there. She was helping orphans and she loved children more then anything. He said, she tried to save a little girl who was sick and she couldn’t. She buried her near the mill. Where she showed me the treasure. I still have goosebumps while writing these. After the little girl died, she died of sadness as well. On the notes that he has taken, he said she was repeating the same thing over and over again. I googled translated, it was moje andeyo, something like that. Means ” my angel” in Croatian.

So some will think, I made this up. Believe it or not, this happened and we made sure that our new house is ghost free.

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