Real Ghost Story: Panchami


Real Ghost Story: Panchami – I am back with another one of my strange experiences — this one occurred around 2-3 months ago. I had been having a lot of dreams where I would be hunted by people or sometimes by other things and one of those dreams led to this strange event/situation. This dream originally started out just like any other dream where I was being chased by a lot of people with guns that were out to kill me. I usually end up escaping in some way or manage to beat the guys somehow and in this dream also I had managed to do the same, but this time there was a girl among the bad-guys.

This girl, when she knew that I had managed to outsmart the other guys, suddenly started seducing me. The location was an underground tunnel of some sort (I don’t exactly remember the details) and no people were around. She started out by flirting at first but when I didn’t show any particular interest, she very quickly became quite aggressive and started kissing me forcefully and started throwing herself on me. I must say that I kissed her for some time before I felt that I shouldn’t be doing this and pushed her away. She took some time to accept the fact that I wasn’t interested but when she finally realized it, she was pretty furious. The strange part about the dream is that this girl laughed at me and said, “You think you are strong but you haven’t seen anything yet. If you really are as brave as you think, come at midnight on panchami and you will see what I can do (panchami is a certain date in the Hindu lunar calendar, if anyone is interested I can provide the details in the comments later on).”

The girl didn’t name any location or which panchami I was supposed to be there (there are a lot of panchamis in a year). The girl then transformed into a black thick smoke and disappeared. Right after she disappeared I woke up from the dream. At that time I thought it was simply a dream and didn’t think about it anymore and went right back to sleep. The only thing that I did do about it was to tell my cousin and his wife about it in the morning.

A few weeks later I was peacefully sleeping in my bed and was about to doze off when suddenly an image flashed before my eyes. It was an image of a girl with long dishevelled black hair let down over her face (her face was completely hidden) holding a long dagger in one hand. Even though her hair was let down her stature was upright and she held her head up straight. After seeing the image, almost instantly, I could feel something jump up on the bed with me and I was suddenly attacked out of nowhere. By attacked I mean I could feel something landing blows on my body and struggling against me. We struggled for a while and I could feel my hands grasp something solid like a person’s arms but there was nothing to be seen (the outside lights give a little illumination in my room).

After struggling for a little while, I seemed to gain the upper hand and immediately a thought crossed my mind that I should hold whatever that thing was captive. So I resolved not to let go of the thing until there was some kind of further activity like maybe the thing showing itself to me. But that was not to be as the thing gradually faded (slowly lost the sense of holding something) out of my hands until I was left holding nothing.

Feeling very foolish, I dropped my hands from the air and thinking the thing to be over, I tried to go to sleep but the thing wasn’t over yet. The thing now grabbed my palm and was pulling it. I could actually feel something grab my palm (just like a person would) but it wasn’t cold to the touch. Now I knew for sure that it wasn’t just my imagination and I realized that something was giving me trouble. I immediately started to pray to God (our Hindu Gods). Now with me, it always takes some time for the entity to go away. I know that if the entity doesn’t go away immediately, people think that the prayers didn’t work or something, but I have always felt the prayers to take some time before they work and sometimes they take a very long time.

Anyway, the entity was still there and it was pulling my palms, pulling my legs, pushing me etc. And I think it was doing that to try and scare me. After a few minutes of praying, everything stopped and I went to sleep. At that time I did not connect the earlier dream and the event that occurred that night.

The next day, when I told my cousin about the event of the previous night, it was he who connected the two events. The dream and the threat of the girl had slipped from my mind. My cousin told me to check if the night the event happened fell on a panchami or not. When I checked the local calendar, imagine my surprise when I found out it was a panchami!

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