Real Ghost Story: Terrace Horror


Real Ghost Story: Terrace Horror – This happened to me when I was around 17. I live in a 4 storey building. My building shares its rectangle shaped terrace with another building and together it forms a society. Both the buildings have their respective entrances to the terrace for obvious reasons.

When my building was under construction, a labourer fell down from the terrace and died on the spot. After that incident, it is said that the spirit of the labourer moves about in the terrace, probably after dark. I live in the 4th floor of my building and right above my home is the terrace. At night, me and my family can here footsteps running here and there. Just for additional information, these footsteps are heard by anyone who lives in the top floor, which is the 4th floor. So basically, it became an usual thing for us and we don’t think much about it.

Once it so happened that I needed some fresh air, probably around 8:40 PM, so I decided to spend some moments of privacy in the terrace with my beloved iPod. My terrace had no tube lights back then so it was really dark. I’m not someone who is scared easily so I went upstairs alone. I was enjoying the cool wind and my favourite songs when suddenly I got a call.

The call was from a very close friend and thus, I totally forgot about the time. Smiling, giggling, talking, I started roaming around the terrace. A point I would like to add, during this whole while, I did not have the dead labourer in my mind and as mentioned above, I’m not easily scared. I decided to go downstairs and reached the entrance of the terrace on the side of my building when suddenly, I heard some rustling of leaves from the other part of the terrace belonging to the other building. It felt like someone is walking on the dead leaves. I would like to bring it to your notice, there were no dead leaves there and the trees weren’t that high either, so basically, it was clean. It got me curious as I was the only one on the terrace and I didn’t see or hear anyone entering the terrace. I am 100% sure that I was the only one on the terrace and the terrace is not really visited by anyone, specially after it gets dark. Curiosity got the best of me and I started walking towards the noise when suddenly, the entrance door to the terrace of the next building banged shut! It is a heavy door so the wind has nothing to do with it. Plus, it wasn’t windy that day anyway. Something inside my mind told me that it isn’t a good idea to stay there anymore so I exited the terrace the very instant!

I came downstairs and started to find a logical explanation to this when suddenly I realized, the terrace door of the other building was LOCKED! It needs a key to be unlocked and only 1 family from that building had the key, so it just can’t be anyone. Plus, if anyone would’ve tried to unlock it, I would’ve known.

Till this day, I stand without an explanation but one thing I can say for sure, that was hell of an experience.

Sorry if it’s long. Any inputs will be appreciated. Thank you for reading my story.

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