Spotted UFO In NASA’s Video While Astronauts Repair The International Space Station


Spotted UFO In NASA’s Video While Astronauts Repair The International Space Station – We, humans, have been searching for proof of alien life for generations now. It just seems impossible that we are all alone in this big, vast universe. Until, late last year, we may have the proof we’ve been looking for, the evidence of an unidentified flying object.

A UFO photobombed astronauts while they were busy making repairs to the International Space (ISS) – setting off a wild frenzy of speculations online.

The spooky incident happened on October 7, when Flight Engineers Reid Wiseman of Nasa and Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency conducted a spacewalk outside the International Space Station to fix an electrical problem.


In the video shot by NASA, the UFO can be seen hovering just for a few seconds behind the astronauts, before the camera cuts to another angle. The UFO appears during the video at around the 1.50 minute mark and the apparently elliptical craft hovers a short distance behind one the astronauts.


According to the Examiner, one possible explanation for the UFO is that it could be one of the two resupply craft that visited the ISS. The Space X Dragon ship arrived at the ISS on September 23, 2014 and that space ship was followed up two days later by a Soyuz TMA 14M craft that brought three new crew members. However, both the craft are currently docked with the ISS and the UFO in the video appears not to be attached to the ISS.

A more likely explanation than a craft piloted by beings from another planet observing human astronauts is lensflare. Light could easily have bounced off the ISS and refracted onto the camera. Buts till, observers have pointed out that there doesn’t seem to be a strong source of light near to the astronauts when the UFO is seen.

This may discard lensflare and keeps the object confirmed as a genuine UFO, after all.

Source: viralportal

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