Tokoloshe Or Poltergeist?


Tokoloshe Or Poltergeist? – As I mentioned in my last submission, I visited my brother, Rob, in New Zealand last year and cajoled a few paranormal experiences of his from him. Here is his second one, this also took place while he was still living in South Africa.

Back in late 1987, he was transferred by his work from De Aar (in the Great Karoo), to work at the then Jan Smuts Airport just outside of bustling Johannesburg. After renting for a couple of months, he found a house to buy, in the up-beat suburb of Norkem Park in Kempton Park, which was relatively close to his work. It was an attractive, modern, large house with a pool – all that his wife “L” desired. They moved in with their new baby son, buying gorgeous new furniture to make their home comfortable. All went well for the first two years. During this time a baby girl was added to their family.

It was then that “L” began having strange experiences. Rob’s wife would always get up to make him breakfast, as he left early for work on Saturday mornings, then she would return to bed. After Rob had left for work, “L” went back to the bedroom and lay down on the queen size bed, seconds later a body of mass lay down beside her. She could feel this heavy weight on the bed, as if someone was climbing into the bed with her. Naturally, this freaked her out, but lay dead still as she didn’t know what to do about this unseen bed partner. Later this weighted body disappeared from the bed. A few months later, she would view the apparition of a black baby/toddler in the passageway outside the same bedroom. This happened multiple times, just prior to a miscarriage.

Rob also encountered an very strange issue one evening, while eating supper.

While watching TV, the 3 seater couch he was seated on suddenly moved from underneath, as if a large dog was trapped under the couch and was struggling to ease its way out. He looked under the couch, but found nothing.

At various times, all members of the family heard voices calling their names, including visitors. On investigation, this was disproved – nobody had called that person’s name.

When their eldest son, George, was about ten or twelve years old, things really started heating up. George was outside playing in the back yard. He witnessed their house maid being literally flung face first, with huge force, into the brick wall of the house adjacent to her quarters. George was about four meters away and had a clear view of the happenings. He was naturally terrified by this sight, and all the resulting blood. He ran next door, screaming for help. The maid had to be hospitalised – she looked as if she had been in a traffic accident. Rob mused afterwards; was this a Tokoloshe (African spirit called on to do harm to others), or a poltergeist’s work?

Later, two fully packed taxi loads (in those days, a VW Kombi was used as a taxi) of African Church people arrived to cleanse the property. It seems their cleansing worked, as there were no similar incidents afterwards for a while.

One last thing was reported by Rob’s neighbours. The next-door neighbours at no 13 would look after the house while they went away. One weekend while Rob’s family was away on holiday, curtains were seen being moved aside and someone peeping out. This happened to the neighbours mother and daughter. They had just been inside the house, had locked up, and on leaving the house they witnessed the curtain in the lounge being pulled aside and held back as if someone was watching them.

The neighbours living next door, had also had issues in their house, and would hear sounds of people walking down their passage way at night. The passage way had a clear plastic carpet protector laid over the carpet, and the sounds of something moving down the passage were heard on many occasions by the family.

It was later discovered that the new subdivision was built on an old farm.

Rob and family lived in this house for twelve years.

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