True Creature Story: 1/4 Mermaid and 1/4 Vampire


True Creature Story: 1/4 Mermaid and 1/4 Vampire – Okay first of all if you don’t believe in this stuff I don’t need to know okay. Well you see my gran-dad comes from a small town in Italy run by the mafia, and his father was the leader, though my gran-dad says that he was more than that.

Then one day when I was 14 he told me it’s time I know that my great gran-dad was a vampire and that he was also a vampire, but my dad is only half vamp because my nan is human, but when your a vampire as long as you eats a lot of meat then you don’t need to drink blood, so now I eat a medium rare stake every other night.

I have just come to terms with this when I am researching mermaids for an English project on creative writing (you see because I’m 1/4 vampire I am smarter than most people and I am on the smart and talented project at school) any way back to mermaids, well I was reading about it and I couldn’t help but think about my mums side of the family…

I’m not being horrible but they are sooo selfish and vain it’s unbelievable and my mother is always telling me to make my self look more pretty (you see I don’t wear make up but I don’t mind I feel comfortable in my skin) and how many times my nan takes me to the sea side. She takes me every holiday I have off school and makes me swim in the sea even if I don’t want to so the other day I was asking her about it and about where my mums side of the family comes from…

I have no idea you see…. and she told me that we are all special in my family and that I need to keep swimming. Also because I sing and ever since I was tiny my nan would give me the nick name of siren. I amused it was a nick name but then when I asked her she simply nodded and said it’s true. I was a mermaid, though I don’t have a tail because of my human side she doesn’t, no I am a vamp and that also stops me from having a tail.

So I just wanted to ask if there is anyone else out there like me, my brother and sister… or are we the only ones?

p.s I don’t know

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Source: gods-and-monsters

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