World War III and the End of America


World War III and the End of America – the Red Horse Is Coming, and the Horrific Reality Has Been Grossly Underestimated! (Video) – A chilling, eye-opening interview with bestselling author of The New Tactics of Global War, J. R. Nyquist (co-authored with Benjamin Baruch), who has written for WND News and more. This is one show you DO NOT want to miss!

How BIG of a threat is Russia? With all the strange news about Russia testing missiles, and more, how concerned should we be? Well, according to Jeff Nyquist, we should be ‘very’ concerned! Find out why, and more, in the below feature video—you will be utterly amazed!

The crisis in Ukraine is no longer receiving major coverage from the American media which would rather cover domestic events within the United States: removal of the Confederate flag; police shootings of ethnic minorities; or Donald Trump’s latest gaff. The American public has forgotten or has chosen to ignore the first invasion of a sovereign European state, and annexation of its territory to occur since the end of the Cold War. Policy makers are carefully monitoring this crisis which could escalate into an unexpected war. The last seven years have witnessed a gradual shift in the military balance of power as Russia has begun to deploy new missile weapons. Moscow’s rhetoric is far too alarming to assume this crisis will simply go away. Given Russia’s renewed military power, the risk of war should not be underestimated.

Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum’s “War in Europe is not a Hysterical Idea,” published in August 2014, states, “Russian Parliament member Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a court jester who sometimes says things that those in power cannot, argued on Russian television that Putin should use nuclear weapons to bomb Poland and the Baltic countries, and show the West who really holds power in Europe.” As Applebaum noted, Russian President Vladimir Putin indulged Zhirinovsky’s comment, saying that he always “gets the party going.” As Applebaum also noted, Russian dissident Andrei Piontkovsky has recently argued that Putin “really is weighing the possibility of limited nuclear war.”

In the West, Piontkovsky’s thinking may appear to be alarmist, or a gross exaggeration of the crisis, but the reality on the ground presents a different picture. Russia has already made public threats against the Baltic States, Poland and Romania. On 11 August 2015, the Daily Mail reported, “Shockwaves reverberated through Eastern Europe after Vladimir Putin boasted he could invade five NATO capitals inside two days.” The article quotes Putin as saying, “If I wanted, Russian troops could not only be in Kiev in two days, but in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw or Bucharest, too.”

The reality on the ground in Europe today closely resembles the Europe of 1938-1939 on the eve of World War II. On 10 August 2015 the UK based Telegraph newspaper reported, “A third of Russians fear a military attack by the United States while state television tells viewers that the U.S. is intent on surrounding and subjugating Russia, with NATO expansion as the key external threat to the country.” The West views war with Russia as impossible and nuclear war as unthinkable. The West’s attitude today can best be described as complacent. Most Americans believe that the United States is the lone superpower of the world and our only real challenge is from terrorists. The average American thinks he is more likely to be hit by lightning than affected by a future war. The Cold War has long been over, and the West won. Most Americans still believe Russia is now an ally, and any thought of a possible military conflict with the former Soviet Union is viewed as absurd.

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