Alien snake spotted on Mars, fuels rumors of life’s existence on red planet


Alien snake spotted on Mars, fuels rumors of life’s existence on red planet – Alien hunters claimed to have spotted what appears to be a snake or a worm-like creature slithering between the rocks on planet Mars in a NASA rover photo.

Alien hunters said there is sufficient evidence to prove that higher life forms are present on the Red Planet but NASA scientists are denying it. Scientists have explained that a phenomenon known as pareidolia could help explain why people keep finding mysterious objects such as statues, lizards and mermaids in Mars photos. Pareidolia occurs when the brain recognizes a familiar pattern or object even though it is not there.

Conspiracy theorists are not fully convinced by this explanation believing that NASA is making a coverup of alien life on Mars. Some, however, believe that the space agency is on its way to making a full disclosure of the truth saying that NASA scientists are likely preparing to make a full disclosure as hinted by the recent announcement of the discovery of flowing liquid water on the Red Planet.

UFO chasers believe living creatures thrive on Mars but they are often overlooked despite that they are in plain sight in photos taken by NASA’s robotic probes. They explained that one possible reason why it is difficult to spot life forms on the Martian surface is that Martian life comes in forms that are not familiar to humans.

The newly found Martian reptile, claimed to be capable of surviving the harsh environment of the Red Planet, is just one of the hundreds of discoveries that UFO enthusiasts claim to have spotted. The find, however, had some conspiracy theorists question the authenticity of NASA’s works in Mars.

Earlier this month, NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover sent photos of stunning layered rock formations at Mount Sharp’s Murray Buttes region. The probe has been gathering data on the surface of Mars and has already gathered evidence that show ancient lakes on the planet would have made it possible for microbes to thrive if Mars hosted life.

Some conspiracy theorists, however, think that photos taken in Mars were actually taken on Earth. They raised questions surrounding NASA’s Mars missions saying the discovery of Earth-like species in Mars photos provides proof that NASA’s rovers are not on the Red Planet but in a secret location here on Earth.

“I’ll give you a hint, there is no rover on Mars,” said conspiracy theorist secureteam10 on YouTube. “These photos are taken in the desert. Likely in Nevada where area 54 is located.”

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