The Anunnaki and Their Human Hybrids – The Global Elite


The Anunnaki and Their Human Hybrids – The Global Elite – The reader, who has followed me this far may wonder; if Marduk and his Anunnaki stayed here on Earth and Marduk is still, after thousands of years, King of Earth (in that sense could perhaps been seen as the Biblical Satan), left here to rule for another 3,600 years by “God” (Anu/Enlil) after been cast him down from “Heaven”,

Why all those wars?
Can’t he just rule all the Nations with an iron fist and thus bring peace, although it’s an oppressive peace?
It’s not that simple.

Humans, also called Lulus, breed uncontrollably, and we are soon reaching the 7 billion mark. That’s a lot of people to control; especially if you want to do it in secret. The decision to have 7 billion people on the planet at the same time is a divine decision, and nothing Marduk could do much about.

What he does with the 7 billion, on the other hand, is another thing.

When we look upon the power structure on Planet Earth today as average human beings, we may feel small, insignificant and helpless. Even if we don’t like how we live our lives, we may feel we are “stuck within the system” with no power to change it. Still, the Anunnaki who are still on Earth do not exceed the amount of 300+ individuals, compared with almost seven billion humans.

We know that these Anunnaki beings are highly intelligent and advanced (at least technologically and intellectually), and they use a few thousand human hybrids (the Global Elite) to be their CEOs over Marduk’s global Empire.

They are still in great minority, so they need to control us by some kind of very clever master plan.

This is how it’s done in general:

The Anunnaki keep themselves hidden and pull the strings from behind the scenes. The Ša.A.M.i. have always ruled from within councils, and the Council of 12 was the superior council while the Anunnaki were here on Earth in larger quantities thousands of years ago.

The original Council of 12 is no longer, according to a Ša.A.M.i. informant during LINK meetings, the ruling council on Earth. However, in old Nibiruan tradition, Marduk, here on Earth, has set up his own Council of 12, which is now his own Royal Council.

They use the purest hybrids on Earth; some of them being direct descendents of the old Anunnaki Lords in the ancient past.

The purer your bloodline, the more power you are delegated. These hybrids are put in charge of politics, business, education, media, entertainment, banking and think tanks, to name a few. In other words, they are positioned where they can control the most people.

With their money scam (the banking system) they are able to keep whole nations under their thumbs, and make people in general dependent on money for their survival.

They use their ancient method of “divide and conquer” by something we call “Problem-Reaction-Solution”.

When the Global Elite, through their alien masters, want a change in their structure; whether it’s local or global; and they know people in general wouldn’t agree to the changes, they create a problem big and traumatic enough for the population in general to cry for a solution (this is the “reaction”), and then the same people who created the problem in the first place now present the solution they wanted all the time.

Out of fear and terror, people are now willing to accept the solution they wouldn’t even consider before. A typical example is 9/11.

The attack is the “problem”; they get a “reaction” from the people to do something about such horrible terrorist attacks, and the U.S. government tightens the belts on us with harsher national security; allowing people to be monitored, stripped, controlled, restricted, creating new laws where it’s easier to control the masses, and so on.

This is happening on an almost daily bases. They are using fear as a weapon, and unfortunately, we humans fall for it almost every time.

Of the 300+ Anunnaki who stayed on Earth, the majority of them (around 200) are loyal to Marduk and some are still loyal to the Kingdom (Nibiru).

So right there we have the same conflict again between,
the Enlilites – the RAM Clan (the Kingdom)
a faction of the Enkiites – the Serpent Clan (Marduk’s loyal Lords)
So they are still using human soldiers as cannon fodder in their petty wars against each other in an attempt to win power over to their own side.

Both sides are using the Global Elite members as their puppets. Wars are also a great way to keep the population from increasing in numbers too much, as well as manmade fatal diseases, viruses, vaccinations, prescription drugs, food and sweets that are poisonous to your body system, to name a few.

The whole power structure on Earth is built like a pyramid, with the Council on the top; the Global Elite purer hybrid power bloodlines right underneath; less pure hybrids under them; and under them, hand-picked humans who have the brains to be able to do the job and can be manipulated easily enough by promises of power and wealth.

Most of the latter have no idea whom they are actually working for; everything is on a need-to-know basis to keep the truth away from people. With those “regular” people, or those of watered-down bloodlines put in important positions, blackmail is often a common way to keep them loyal to the cause.

Very commonly, they are offered young, beautiful women (often underage girls or boys) to have sex with, without their wives knowing about it, and in the future, if they refuse to cooperate, their dirty laundry is hung out in public.

Hence, the many suicides in high places, and high level officials with their crimes being exposed in the media.

The situation is further complicated, because factions of the Global Elite have signed contracts with other alien species, like the Grays/Reptilians and the Verdants, creating more civil unrest, conflicts and wars, making this whole planet a giant war zones, with the great majority of people having no idea what is going on.

Most of these bonds were made through TTPs (Technological Transfer Programs), where we got technology in exchange for what they wanted from us.

In charge of the human Global Elite (the human hybrid parts of it), are the Rockefeller and the Rothschild banking families (see ‘The Secret Order of the Illuminati’).

They have been the visible rulers for a couple of millennia, but under different names. The Rothschild’s were previously called the Bauer’s, for example. Both families are royal and go back to old Sumer, and further. There are 11 other ruling Elite families as well, whom also go back to the Anunnaki.

They are, according to researcher and writer, Fritz Springmeier:
Li (Chinese)
van Duyn
Merovingian (European Royal Families)
The following families are also interconnected with those above:
So what is the difference between “regular people” and those who are of the ruling Elite, or connected to them by blood?

First of all, many of them are descendents of the old Hebrews, and are therefore the Enlil’s (YHVH’s/YeHoVaH,s) chosen people in the Bible. They have been put near the top of the pyramid to rule over the rest of mankind.

According to Sitchin’s translations, they were not meant to rule us with an iron fist like they have over the last millennia, and kill us off and treat us like slaves and cannon fodder. The intention was apparently to govern us until we could manage by our own as a human species.

We know that this never happened; they were immediately, under Marduk’s command, drunk by power and wealth, and became the Ruling Elite we see today. They have no intention to set us free.

But like I insinuated before, I don’t think the intention ever was to let us rule the planet. The Hebrews, who were the Enlil’s ‘chosen people’, were taken advantaged of by Marduk, and bribed. So they simply changed side. This is my belief.

What I find notable is that king Anu and the Enlil got these strange epiphanies from Galzu, the mysterious person, and right there realized that we are all ONE and humans need to get Earth to rule over themselves.

So why, then, did they leave Marduk here, too rebellious to come back to Nibiru, knowing he would make a mess down on Earth? If they loved their “children”, as they apparently call us, would parents leave their kids with mass murderers?

2000+ years have passed since they were here last and nuked the Sinai Spaceport and Sodom and Gomorrah before they left. This means that they left between two Nibiru crossings, which is of some importance, because if they did, they can come back before 2060-2095.

Their return doesn’t have to exactly coincide with Nibiru. They know interstellar travel and can come through stargates and Einstein-Rosen Bridges as they please.

Still, it’s probably in their interest to come after the cataclysm that will follow around the time for the crossing.

However, one may think that if they have had 2,000 years to evolve, they potentially could have come a long way. But keep in mind that 2,000 years, ~ 2/3 šar, which is 2/3 of a year in their terms.

They don’t count time as we do.

We may argue that they are also inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional, which would perhaps speed up their progress, but if we look back on their history, they haven’t developed hardly at all the last 500,000 years.

They have always been the same warrior race with bloodlines fighting against bloodlines (as above, so below). It’s hard to believe that they suddenly, in no time at all (in their terms) have developed so amazingly fast, relatively speaking, that they are now mature enough to govern us peacefully.

Dr. A.R. Bordon is telling us they use nano-technology to develop their biominds until they now have almost reached Oneness.

This is hypothetically possible, I assume, but it concerns me when I listen to Dr. Bordon, and by the same token read the following from his essay, “The Link”:
It is reported by members who have attended the conferences that they are near the completion of their cycle on oneness, wherein all knowledge and mind resources are used in service to the common.

This, it was said, can only be possible when the diversity of biominds of each member remains an individuality while simultaneously being interconnected to the Ša.A.Mi. all-one by low-powered, low-energetic means that utilizes the planet’s life belt energetics – something akin to what Earth enjoys in the form of Schumann resonance.

There is yet much we don’t quite understand about their system of oneness, as there are technologies used to enhance the common biomind that are beyond our level of technology at this time.

However, we do now possess a theoretical understanding of how it all works.
(Bordon, A.R., 2007: “The LINK – Extraterrestrials in Near Earth Space and Contact on the Ground”, p. 42.)
Here he says there is much we still don’t understand, but should we then accept that we don’t understand and take the Ša.A.M.i. suggestions to heart? How can we trust them?

Let’s pretend that you and I were a team and traveled around the world ten years ago and killed people left and right and played silly, but vicious power games which we thought appropriate, raped women and minors, plundered and dedicated ourselves to the worst criminal acts, and then disappeared for ten years.

Suddenly, we come back and tell people that what happened ten years ago was in the past, and we are “clean” now!

Would anyone believe us? Would they have a reason to? No. They would need so much more proof than our words.

The ETs can tell us anything they want us to believe. A.R. Bordon told me their science group has developed “BS detectors” over the last 20 odd years, and that the ETs could maybe fool one or two of them, but not the whole group.

I’d say: “why not?”

It’s easy to be arrogant about our own brilliance and think we can compare even our most brilliant minds with those of the more developed ETs. I believe that if they want to, these ETs can pass any BS detector we may be able to develop at this time, with the ease of a thought (and perhaps a laugh).

I also have reason to believe that the other alien species that show up on the LINK meetings are from the same confederation, just pretending they are not working together.

You don’t think aliens can be that sophisticated?

We can, so of course they can…

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