I Flirt With The Paranormal


I Flirt With The Paranormal – After so many articles about the theories or analysis, trying to educate you about the paranormal, i think it is time for me to tell you about my own experiences. The numerous experiences i had all along my life are the result of my awareness, i don’t think i’m someone special. What i experienced, for some people could be coincidences, for others it will be paranormal and others could find a down-to-earth explanation. I’m a down-to-earth girl, i study the paranormal and i have many answers to many cases, but the tales you’re about to read are still a mystery to me. I don’t know what happened, i can’t explain it, but maybe some people could.

That’s how i had this passion for the paranormal. I first heard so many ghost stories in my family, and then i had the chance to experience it. For sure i wanted to have answers, it was a need to study the phenomenas, and everything about the paranormal. Day after day my knowledge is richer, but i’m still open-minded, i still think nowadays we can not explain everything. And that’s why the paranormal field exists after all, to list the cases no one can explain.

So i’m gonna tell you about what i experienced. You will find 3 categories, the stories i experienced are to me unexplainable, but if some of you have any answers, i’m ready to listen to them.


This is not a memory but the testimony of my mother. As i was a kid, i had a precognition abililty, i was able to tell what was about to happen in the next hours before it happened. One of the most compelling evidence for my mother was this story. I was playing all by myself in my room, i suddenly run to my mum and told her “Grandpa is on the way!” my mother answered me that i was wrong, Grandpa wasn’t expected this day. So i went back to my room. I have to tell you something about my Grandpa, he was an unexpected man, he could not give news for years and suddenly knock at your door someday. Then that’s exactly what happened. We hadn’t news from my grandpa for months, and 1 hour after i announced my mum Grandpa was on the way, he knocked at the door.

I really cannot remember that story but i’m aware to be sensitive. I always thought i could easily analyze someone just by looking at him but i also always thought it was just a good sense of observation and reasoning. Sometimes, i look at people and it appears to me so many things, when they try to hide they are sad, when they lie. Some people could say it is mentalism, or aura reading or mediumship, and for me, i really don’t know because i never really think about it. I remember one day, when i was a teenager, i was with some friends of mine. I suddenly saw one of my friend come into the room and he was surrounded with that amazing white aura. It was the first and only time i saw the aura of someone, i don’t know why this person, i don’t know why especially at that moment but it was a crazy experience. I was apparently the only one to see it, it was very beautiful, very bright and soothing. It last a few seconds later.

Telepathy in my family is very developed, but it appears to be stronger from mother to daughter. My grandma is connected with my mum, my mum is connectd with me. To me, everyone does telepathy everyday, all the day, but so few people are aware of it. We lost the abililty to do telepathy with people, because our world is so noisy, we are hyperactive and have no more time to relax. I also think people have better telepathic connexions when they are close. As many people, i could do telepathy, and i do it everyday, but i’m an hyperactive person, always running and thinking, i never rest, so during the day my abilities are close to zero. But when i sleep as i’m suddenly calm, there is no more noise, i can do the telepathy, it happens during my sleep and we call it telepathic dreams. Those are not dreams, i’ve learned to distinguish between dreams and telepathic dreams. A telepathic dream is really an unic experience. A telepathic dream is a real telepathic information you get at the moment and as you sleep it appears as a dream, but it is more realistic, it is very short. In fact, each time i have those telepathic dreams i am in the eyes of someone else, anyone, and the time of the blink of the eye i can see exactly what he sees. I have a crazy example. It was a few years ago, my best friend was pregnant, the baby must arrived one month later, she was healthy. It was late in the morning, i was still sleeping and i had this telepathic dream. I was in the eyes of that someone watching my best friend give birth. Then the eyes had a look at a clock and i saw it was 11:07AM. I woke up after this “dream” i was dizzy and went to have breakfast. I received a message from my best friend’s mum: the baby is born at 11:07AM. It was a telepathic dream.

I have sometimes telepathic dreams, i can verify some of them because i know the people i’ve seen, but for others i really see strangers and i cannot find out. So this is impossible for me to tell if it was a telepathic dream even if the feeling was so different. The other night i had that … insane dream. I was in the eye of a murderer, a man, a left-handed man, who killed someone with a knife. I saw everything, also the face of the victim it was awful. The day after i tried to had a look for some people missing, but i had too few informations, i didn’t know the country, anything. So my researchs didn’t come good. I had another experience a few years ago, a really crazy experience. I was living abroad, overseas, everything was okey. I had one night that crazy telepathic dream about one of my beloved kin, a tragic dream. When i woke up i was so traumatized, i promise you, i had no time to think about it, i became a zombie. My body did things that my reason couldn’t fight. I didn’t verify what i saw in my dream, i just made my suitcase, jumped in a fligt and came back in France. When i arrived in France i noticed what i saw was true. And i’m still traumatized of this story because i was so far away, i really had no clue about what was happening in France and it just happened. When you love someone, sometimes your instinct make you do things the reason can not explain.


I had many haunting experiences in my life but i never got the chance to film the evidences. When you don’t do an investigation, and you’re chilling at home, then suddenly you experience a paranormal activity, it last in only 5 seconds, believe me, you have no time to take your camera. So everything i’m about to tell you must be considered as testimonies but i have no picture and no film.

It’s true, i love to debunk the paranormal with science, this is how i investigate, but i also know that sometimes you have to believe what your body feels and listen to it. The body is an amazing indicator, some of its reaction can give you the key that something is happening. And i really look at my body’s reactions.

One of the most common feeling is when you feel like someone is in your back watching you. It happened to me so many, many, many times and in different places. The worst was when i was a teenager, we lived with my parents in a flat altogether. In the living room i could often feel someone in my back as there was no one. That spirit was so pissed off, i really could feel it, it was so disturbing, i could feel the stress, the anxiety, it was crazy. In the flat below, one of my school friend was killed by his dad, and his dad killed himself right after. I really never knew but i always thought it was him, the ghost of the dad and he wasn’t in peace. I also remember once i was quietly walking in the street, and suddenly i felt someone running after me. I really thought someone was about to attack me, so i jumped and turned around, screaming. Believe me, i really was ready to fight but … there was no one. And people at the opposite of the road were looking at me as if i was crazy. And at the moment i also thought i could be crazy, but that feeling was so strong, i cannot deny it.

A few years ago, i was interviewing mediums about their abilities. One of the medium explained me it was possible for her to hear the ghost talking. Sometimes, i won’t lie, i’m so down-to-earth, so i asked her how it was possible to hear a spirit talking as they don’t have any vocal cords. She explained me they were not common voices but more waves in high frequency. She compares it as ultrasound that we can not hear when the animals can. That explanation was excellent for me and i could finally get it. The following day i was quietly reading at home, all alone, no noise, i had a perfect moment. And suddenly that voice just shout in my hear “We can talk!”. My godness … It wasn’t loud but it was so sudden and crystal clear. It was like a whisper, i felt the breath in my ear and it gave me crazy chills. Honestly if someone had been with me that day, i’m not sure he heard it, because it was like the sound came into my ear to explose inside. It’s very difficult to explain. Well, as i was so quiet you can understand that i was really scared, so scared i felt on the floor. And then nothing else happened, i think it was just a message to me from the other side. It was a good lesson for my septicism.

Twice in my life, i’ve seen shadows. Shadows to me are a real mystery, i cannot understand how a shadow can be seen as there is no one to create the shadow. I read many testimonies about shadows and i always thought “yes, why not!” but i have no answer for this phenomena. As i experienced it twice i can tell you shadows exist, but i cannot tell you why. The first time i was in my apartment, i was living there with my roomate. Well that morning, i woke up and went out of my room to go to the bathroom. The room on the right of my room was the living room, and one of the window could give some light by the door of the living room. As i went out of my room, i saw on the floor a shadow, as if someone was hiding in the living room, ready to scare me. I thought it was my roomate, so i did one quiet step, and i saw the shadow go back quickly, so i decided to jump at the door to scare him. I jumped but … there was no one. I looked in the living room, i thought maybe my roomate was hidden. No. I had a look in his room at the other side and he was totally sleeping. We were living at the top floor, no balcony, no building opposite, nothing. I have no explanation.

The second time it was in another apartment a few months later, in this one i was living alone. I was looking at the television, my shutters were closed, and i felt like someone was staring at me, so i turned my head. There was no one, but on the wall i saw a shadow slide as if it was the shadow of someone trying to hide from me. My flat was very small so i knew there was no one. My door and my shutters were closed, so i tried to see if it could have been my shadow, but i never managed to reproduce that shadow. That shadow is another mystery. But there are points in common for those two stories, it appears it was two shadows scared to be seen, or maybe it was the same shadow, the same person, just here to look at me, but nothing else, no other paranormal activities.

I experienced something strange when i stayed in the Stanely Hotel. This is not really a paranormal activity but as i have no answers, i believe it could be paranormal. The Stanley Hotel is known for its paranormal activity, it says it’s one of the most active place in the US. I was so happy to stay there a few days, but i finally never really experienced the paranormal. The only mysterious thing was when i woke up every morning with dry blood in my nose. I never had a nosebleed of my life, never, neither from the heat or the cold or anything. So the first morning when i saw that blood i was scared, but i thought maybe i banged into something during my sleep. The second morning, another nosebleed, i thought it was a coincidence. The third morning, okey i have to admit it was spooky! The crazy thing is that i was so comfortable in that room. Then i left the Colorado to go to California and guess what … no more nosebleed! I never ever had a nosebleed since, this is crazy, i really cannot explain it. Maybe it was the cold, maybe the altitude, or the autosuggestion … I have no answers.

And there are current phenomenas i experience. My parents live in a duplex for 10 years now, this is a modern residence, really peaceful and quiet. That apartment is bright, not spooky at all, really normal. The other day, i was talking to my mum, my mum was in front of me, and the door was also in front of me so i could see the hall in her back. I was talking to her and watching her, and then i suddenly saw something come through the hall very quickly. It was two seconds but i saw it, and as i saw it i had that terrifying face. What i saw looked like a mist, something smoky but more like an ectoplasm. It was bright and white, or sort of white, it had the height of a human but no the shape, it had no face, no body, it was just like a mist of energy. As my mum saw my face she turned back and said “What did you see? Did you see the figure?” as she was saying this i was now looking at her with so many questions in the eyes, how could she know what i saw? She explained me sometimes she could see like a figure, a mist, going through the hall, it was quick and she never told me. I didn’t knew about it, but i know why, my mum is very scared of the paranormal, she hates when i talk about it and she doesn’t understand why i’m so into the paranormal. So i apparently saw the same thing my mum used to see in that flat, but for me it was the first time. So, if a ghost had always been here, why am i able to see it now and not before? This is very strange.


That story is very short but this is the strongest i experienced, amazing! It was a dozen years ago, i was in my apartment. For the short story i broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks before and he was so mad at me, really mad, i mean it was madness he couldn’t control because he was so desperate, he did insane things, really, and i was started to be worried for my own security.

I was sleeping that night, a normal sleep, at that moment i know i was dreaming. Then i suddenly saw a face, as if the person had to woke me up, and he appears just in front of my eyes, but my eyes were closed, but it was as if my eyes were open and someone jumped in front of me. It was a nice face, a blond guy with curls. He was looking at me so worried, and then he looked behind me and shouted me “Quick! Turn around!” As he told me that, i suddenly woke up, turned my head and saw my ex boyfriend staring at me very close, as if he was about to do something to me. I jumped of my bed and screamed so loud, it scared him, so he ran away. I never knew why my boyfriend was here but i remember a few days before he told me he wanted to hurt me. That blond guy, i believe, saved my life, i don’t know who he was but i think he is here to protect me. Then i move on, changed my phone number, everything and i finally got my life back.

Here are my ghost stories, what i experienced all along my life, my hauntings, my extrasensorial perceptions and as you can see they are numerous. But you know when i meet someone in the paranormal field and that someone ask me “Have you ever experienced the paranormal?” i answer most of the time “Not so much!” this is a terrible lie, but i answer it only because i don’t like to talk about me and my life. So i finally write this article in order to answer to everyone. But then i think if everyone answer the same thing, then it would be difficult to talk about the paranormal. So people please, be my guest and talk about your paranormal experiences, people like me are here to listen and give you any advices.

So tell me, have you ever experienced the paranormal?

Source: paranormalife

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