Numerology: A Short Introduction


Numerology: A Short Introduction – For thousands of years – dating back to humans’ early, primitive lives – people have looked for differing signs to understand and comprehend the world beyond the physical. Some have sought signs in religion. Others have sought daily horoscopes. Others have sought signs of good deeds to fulfill their karma tank. Becoming more popular within the metaphysical sciences groups is the study of Life Path numbers and numerology – a practice that has been around since ancient Egyptians roamed the earth.

What do Numerologists claim?

Numerologists believe there is a special, mystical, divine relationship between a number and coinciding events. Every aspect of the world has a certain energy flowing on a regular frequency. Beyond the physical aspect of a number, there lies more spiritual meaning. Early numerologists were not concerned with the number specifically or its mathematical theories. They were more interested in finding a deeper meaning behind the number as a symbol – meanings such as character identities, personality traits, and the future of one’s life path. Today life path numerologists seek to use numbers based on the sum of one’s birthdate to determine important events, major earth-shattering beliefs, or the purposes of life. Think of numerology as the word study behind mathematical numbers.

While astrology and numerology are closely related sciences, astrology focuses more on the astrological sign based on the date of one’s birth and the planets movements within one’s sign – as opposed to numerology which adds the sum of each number within your birth date. As with astrology, a daily horoscope is read to give insight into the day one may experience ahead. With numerology though, there are a certain set of characteristics associated with your life path number. These characteristics are non-changing, unlike the astrology path which is constantly moving within the realms of planets and moons.

An evolution of numerology from ancient Egyptians to modern day


The history of numerology dates its earliest roots back to Egypt and Babylon. Reports claim that the dynasties of China, Rome, Japan and Greece, also used the practice. There were two pioneer philosophers, Pythagoras (B.C.530) and Cornelius Agrippa (1534 A.D.)

Pythagoras was one of the original Greek philosophers. He made many mathematical and scientific discoveries – the most famous of his theories is the Pythagorean theorem. Many are familiar with this equation from high school math class: a (squared) + b (squared) = c (squared).Pythagoras did not invent numerology, however other Greek philosophers who later expanded theories took his findings to another level.

Pythagoras heavily influenced Cornelius Agrippa, a German-born defender of occultists. Agrippa was viewed as an occult writer, an astrologer and alchemist. Agrippa studied Pythagoras’ theories while in school at Cologne, earning his degree in Theology. He drafted a masterpiece while working with Johannes Trithemus. This draft focused on modern occult theories and magical thought, including astrology, divination and numerology.

Approaching our time…

At the turn of the 20th century, an American music teacher, L. Dow Balliet, along with several contemporaries, initiated the modern phase of numerology. Balliet came to realize that the letter name applied to each note had the same vibratory qualities as the note itself. This discovery led her to an interest in numerical science. Now, in the 21st century, a marked resurgence of interest in numerology is taking place thanks to an increase in research and publication. She published a few books on the matter. Her publishing’s would have been lost if not for her student Dr. Julie Seton.

Seton was fascinated by her teacher’s findings and began promoting awareness in the studies of numerology. She is credited for giving the name “numerology” to the Science of means and numbers.

Does your life need some spiritual coaxing of the spirit?

A numerology reading would be helpful to someone who is looking for answers to some of life’s tough questions. Perhaps someone is looking to buy a new house, or plan a major life event, or just wants to see what the future holds. Maybe he or she needs advice in investing money. Numerology can bring about self awareness, reveal a divine mission, challenge a person to be more accepting of others, achieve enlightenment, and give advice for one to choose the right decisions as he continues to move within the world.

In addition to finding the answers to life’s meaning, what’s the most important thing all people strive for in life? Love. It can be the love of a parent or the love of a friend or the longing for lost love. Perhaps the most common type of love we crave is romantic love. If love is an issue that constantly eludes a person, numerology readings can decipher the problem. By studying the sum of each romantic interests’ life path number, destiny number, birthday number and balance number, numerologists can base compatibility compared with your romantic partner’s number. This test results in variances such as “very compatible,” “compatible,” “neutral,” or “not compatible.”

Getting your groove back by finding your Life Path number


Numerology is commonly directly linked with astrology, designating the exact numbers 1 thru 9 that are connected to every celestial body inside the solar system, and each number possesses its own group of values.

To determine your Life Path number add together the sum of your month, day, and full year of birth. The end result is to lower your birth date to a single-digit number between one and nine. For example a person born May 1, 1981, would add the sum of each three numbers: 5 (for May) + 1 (for the date) + 1981 (for the year). These numbers add up to 1987. To reduce 1987 to a smaller number use the formula: 1+9+8+7, which equals 25. Then reduce 25 to 2+5 and you get 7. That’s your path life number and studying it can give much insight into your characteristics. It’s a simple formula yet opens one up to many insights of their lives.

So, I’m a seven. Now what?


There are nine life paths found by using calculations based on one’s birthdate. In numerology, the Life Path number is the most important number. It represents natural characteristics, talents, and traits based on a person’s date of birth. One the day you were born, certain powers were bestowed upon you that will follow you throughout your entire life. The Life Path number describes the nature of your journey through life.

Number ones are natural leaders and deal with a sense of perfectionist. They carry an air of arrogance. Always the one to stand out as individuals, they will also follow their convictions. They are willing to try new things and don’t expect help from others. Number ones expect to be known for their heroic expertise. They can at times come across as contrarian.

Numbers twos are the ying to number one’s yang. Number twos have the ability to improve on number one’s ideas. They are very self-sacrificing. Diplomatic and tactful, they are extra susceptible to feelings and emotions of others.

Numbers threes are the butterflies of life. Carefree and creative, they follow their own path. Number threes love to perform and are often the life of the party. They are as comfortable at a party as they are on stage entertaining. Despite their big personalities, number threes can be lazy, superficial and trivial. It’s part of the drama that they crave within their lives.

Number fours are the steadfast people of the number path. They are patient and hardworking. They plod along with a project until it is completely finished. With their rigid tendencies, they may turn people off and tend to be strict, disciplining and controlling.

Numbers fives are the independent ones; the ones with mental curiosity that will take them to new and fascinating places and travels. By their true nature of independence, number fives can be rebellious and restless. They are always on the go and live for tomorrow’s adventure.

An inner moral compass controls number sixes, but instead of prostelyzing to others about their principles, sixes will allow others to find it within themselves. They are our mothers, naturally able to educate and protect the young and old. Sixes are the ones always on the look out for moral and social responsibility. Sometimes their intense need for morality causes them to come across as self-righteous and as meddlesome as the little old ladies on The Andy Griffith Show.

Number sevens are the thinkers of the world. Preferring to spend their time at a slow pace, they contemplate life’s mysteries in quite, serene and secluded places. These places give sevens the ability to shut out all the daily noise and really reflect on life. Because of the seclusion sevens desire, these individuals are often regarded as aloof and indifferent. They are the best keeper of secrets and by their inquisitive nature can be very skeptical.

Number eights are the moneymakers and enjoy all the power that comes with wealth. They are the businessmen and women whose drive is motivated by business. They are good with numbers and usually work in high finance. They are the closers of sales deal. With money comes corruption, and some number eights are drawn to the materialistic energies of the world by scheming with hidden agendas.

Number nines are the social justice creatures of our planet. They believe in standing up for the underdog and trying to create a better social worldview for our planet. They are the caretakers and find purpose through helping others. Their soft side for humanity leaves them open to emotional extremes, as if they wear their heart on their sleeve.

The study of numerology can land you on the right path


Though numerology is probably the least known or understood of the metaphysical sciences, it is enjoying resurgence in popularity. Today it is most often used to discover secret meanings behind world events and predicting the future. Cousins to the modern-day versions of astrology and tarot card readings, numerology can give us a sense of who we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there. Though numerology began as a way for ancient cultures to explain their surroundings, the invention and assignments of definition to Life Path numbers have helped many find their path. By studying their Life Path number, some solutions become crystal clear to those who study it. The good and bad characteristics of each Life Path number can help individuals improve their balance in life, or help them understand the bad characteristics that make them tick.

Spiritually connecting to the ancient worlds using numerology

Often times, people find themselves at the mercy of the world. Their job is not fulfilling. Their family’s life is rocky. They can’t find the right answer amidst the trees standing in their way. For thousands of years, people have been plagued by life’s difficulties. They’ve looked toward religion. They’ve sought solace in detrimental ways. They’ve studied the celestial skies for an answer, any answer. They haven’t quite found the resolution to assuage the fears in their lives.

Finding your Life Path number is easy and it will help others in their search for solace. Finding your Life Path number is the first start to gaining more insight into the questions a person seeks in regards to finding the answers to life’s questions, examining their futures and deciding their own place in this world, or seeking ways to improve themselves.

In knowing that this practice dates back to ancient times, this gives assurance to numerologists who are connected spiritually to a more primitive world of those who came before the development of this current, modern-day civilization. Looking at the world in a more primitive way and followings the teachings of numerology may be a person’s last resort and could open one’s eyes to the very answer or conclusion that was always there. It is a metaphysical science; the method is open to all kinds of interpretation and gives students the awareness of the world surrounding them. Students of numerology can take their understandings and apply it to their everyday lives.

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