Real Ghost Story: The Unwelcomed Tenants


Real Ghost Story: The Unwelcomed Tenants – I’d first like to say that I am so excited to have stumbled across this site! Coming from a family who has dealt with these type experiences our whole lives, I am always looking to read others’ experiences. For years and still today I feel that this topic is not one that is open for discussion to everyone.

I have many true stories to tell and plan to post them later as time sees fit.

In 1981 the oil boom was in full force. At the time, my husband, our 1 year old daughter and I were living in Missouri when my husband got a job offer to work for a company who made oil rig parts in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was such a raise in pay that he accepted their offer and we quickly moved to a town named Mustang, Oklahoma. We found a home to rent in a brand new subdivision. It was cute as a button, but after about only 6 months, the owner came to us and said that he sold his home and didn’t have anywhere to live until his new home was finished being built and asked us to move in a hurry. We hadn’t signed a lease and had no idea if this was legal or not. We agreed to move and he gave us a name of a realtor that rented homes. I called the next morning and the first realtor I spoke with told me he had just the home for us. He was the actual owner and the renters moved out without warning. He offered a really low cost for rent so we went to take a look. As soon as I walked through the door I was uneasy. I tried talking my husband out of it but his argument was that we were in the process of building a log home and we wouldn’t have to live there long. This home was in a suburb of Oklahoma City named Bethany, Oklahoma.

Since we were in a hurry to get moved in, the owner of the house offered to buy the paint if we would be willing to repaint some of the rooms. We noticed what appeared to be small blood spatters on the walls. Not every room but in the living room, dining room and down the hallway. I called the landlord to see if anything had happened in the home and he said nothing at all. We painted over it. It was just clean enough to pass my inspection. I was not happy but felt we had no choice at the time but stay until we finished building our log home. After all, our new home was due to be finished in about 6 months.

My husband was working overtime at work. He worked the day and the afternoon shift. He was a foreman so anytime there was trouble, he had to go into work. Many days he would be at work from early in the morning until late at night. We were trying to build a log home on top of working all kinds of crazy hours. Needless to say, I was home alone A LOT.

I was 21 years old at the time and having experienced weird things in the past, I was not at all happy having to be home alone late at night, especially living 450 miles away from any family or friends. Our little girl was already in bed asleep. I was trying to focus on the tv when I started hearing something that sounded like someone scratching on the living room wall. I turned the tv down to hear what the noise was. The scratching started at the end of the living room wall and kept coming closer to where I was sitting. It stopped scraping right where I was sitting on the couch! My heart was beating out of my chest. I called the police because I didn’t know if it was someone outside the house or what it was exactly. Of course they sent someone out; there were two officers who took a look around the perimeter of the house and didn’t find a thing.

A few days later my mom and dad came to visit. My mom and I were sitting in the dining room. My dining room had a dimmer light. As we sat at the table the light started to dim, it continued to dim until it was completely off and we could hear the click of the light that shut the light off completely.

One night we were all in bed about to fall asleep and we were jarred awake to the sound of the oven rack inside the oven. It was being bounced inside the oven very vigorously and loudly. How could the oven rack INSIDE the oven do this?

Another night we were all in bed and suddenly the back door sounded as if someone slammed it shut even though all the doors were locked up tight by my husband before coming to bed.

I would always stay up and wait for my husband to come in from work and give him a bite to eat. It always took him a little time to wind down from work so after giving him a bite to eat I laid down. He was in the living room watching tv. My daughter was in her bedroom across the hall. I was laying there trying to go to sleep. I was staring down the hallway towards the living room. Suddenly I saw this thing… It was about 3 feet tall or so, transparent but I could still see that it looked somewhat like a hobbit. (However at that time, I had never seen anything like this, ever.) Its hair drug the floor and it looked like it had poop hanging in it. I screamed! It turned and looked right at me, looked back at the living room where my husband was watching tv, then ran into my daughter’s bedroom! I was fighting the sheets as I was tangled in them trying to furiously get free from them. I fell off the bed onto the floor and ran into Chrissy’s bedroom. She sat up in bed and said, “mommy, ET came to see me but when he saw you he crawled out my bedroom window!”

A few months later my dad took a couple weeks vacation to come stay with us. As he was trying to take a short nap in the guest bedroom, something slapped his face so hard that his ears rang. He got up and went to the bathroom and could see a handprint on his face. (However he didn’t tell me until we moved back to Missouri.) Odd things went on in that house, little things that I couldn’t say were necessarily paranormal but things that just didn’t make sense.

About a month before we moved, I was outside and my next door neighbor came over and asked “So have you met the ghosts yet?” I asked her to repeat herself. She said oh yes, your house is haunted. We hear pots and pans flying and hitting the walls and screaming going on even when the house is vacant. She told me that the owners couldn’t keep it rented. I knew then why the realtor gave us such a great deal on the rent. (Which now, I’m pretty sure that’s against the law. Or is it only when you purchase a house?)

The company that my husband was working for took new ownership and temporarily laid everyone off work. We let the bank have the log home back that was nearly finished being built but we didn’t care! My dad gave my husband a job in his factory and my husband and I loaded everything up and the 3 of us went back to Missouri. We couldn’t get out of that city fast enough! My husband and I looked at each other while leaving Oklahoma City and laughed and laughed for about a half hour. We were never so relieved to leave a place as that one.

So…who was the unwelcomed tenants? I guess we were.

Thanks for reading.

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