UFO sighting: Residents in Siberia spot mysterious


UFO sighting: Residents in Siberia spot mysterious – A woman was with her son when she reported seeing a ‘glowing’ light above Ulan-Ude in Buryatia before it quickly disappeared again. Siberian residents claim they have spotted a large saucer with bright green lights flying in the night sky this week. She described hearing a noise like the engine of a car and thought it was a toy plane or drone before witnessing ‘a lot of green lights, some red and blue’.


‘When it stopped right above us, I could not say a word and saw two men running to hide in a building,’ she said.

‘It was a very large saucer with bright green lights in the middle. My son got scared, grabbed my hand and we ran away. I never believed that something like that could exist.’

It is said to have hovered close to Lake Baikal, which has been renowned for apparent UFO sightings since Soviet times, and where Nikita Tomin says a similar incident happened in July 2010.

He took a picture at the time which showed three green-shaded lights on an unidentified flying object and said: ‘It flew right above us, very low. The object was shining down on us with a green light. We were a bit scared.’

Other residents int he area have also reported seeing a glowing object in the middle of the night, while some say they have seen red lights which appear then disappear.


In Khorinsk village, close to Ulan-Ude, a 35-year-old man said he saw a glowing ball in the sky while going outside for a cigarette at about 7pm in the evening last week.

He claims that he thought it was a satellite at first but as his eyes adjusted he realised it was a mysterious object about 200 to 300metres away.

‘It definitely wasn’t a satellite. It was moving differently,’ he said. ‘The lights were gradually getting less bright and it was glowing red. I didn’t hear a sound, it’s very quiet where I live. There are no cars. I was standing silently and couldn’t understand what was it. I observed it for 20-30 seconds. So scary. What could it be?’

Earlier this month residents also claim they spotted unusual circles above the city, which reportedly happened previously in December last year.

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